Our Philosophy & Materials

What are your bestsellers?

I signed up to receive emails but my discount code for signing up isn’t working.

  • The welcome email code only applies to first time purchases with a first time email subscription.

Why should I choose Holy Lamb Organics over mainstream sustainable bedding companies? 

What do you do with material scraps?

  • We believe in letting nothing go to waste. Our scraps are either repurposed for other products or available for sale on ourRaw Materials Page when inventory allows. 

How long does it take to process my order?

  • Most orders ship within 7-10 business days, however, some products likemattresses will have different lead times. You can view a products lead time on our larger products through the products page.

Will I receive tracking information when my order ships?

  • Absolutely! When the item ships, you will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking information for your convenience. 
  • The WJ Southard Mattresses we sell online may require you to schedule an appointment for delivery through the freight company that will be delivering your mattress. Your tracking information will update through the courier's website, so be sure to keep an eye on it as it makes its way to you.
  • Our typical production lead time is 7-10 business days

I have a packaging request besides the biodegradable bag.

  • Please contact us with any requests for shipping and we are happy to see what can be done to accommodate your requests. Please note we are not able to accommodate every packaging request.

What materials do you use, and where are they sourced?

  • A link to theblogpost or a list description of what comes from where

Do you offer free samples?

  • We do not currently offer free samples of our products, however, we do partner with many local non-profits for donations.
  • If you would like to sign up for our Affiliate Program you can do sohere and a member of our team will reach out to you if our values align! 
  • We do offer some samples for purchasehere

What is GOTS and why does it matter?

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How can I get in touch with HLO?

How do I take care of my products?

  • You can find our full care instructionshere. Each product page will also have care instructions for that specific product. 

Where can I buy Holy Lamb Organic Products?

  • Either alink and/or a short list of places to buy in store

What's the difference between Certified Organic Wool and Premium Eco Wool?

  • (I don’t know if we really have an updated description for this, short of ‘just the certification’, since the wool is carded differently now and doesn’t feel any different than the eco wool. Maybe just that the smell of lanolin is more prevalent?)

How does the custom program work?

I want to check the status of my order.

  • A status tracker is included in your order confirmation email. If you are unable to locate that email, please contact us and we can resend it to you!

Why don’t you use “XYZ Certification”?

  • GOTS has the most thorough certification process relevant to our materials and products and is internationally recognized as a leader in organic certification. 

How long will it be before I receive my purchase? 

Please note that our typical lead time for most products is 7-10 business days, so you will not receive this email until after your purchase has shipped. 

Can I use a tatami mat with my mattress?

  • Per our warranty, the mattress must be on slats, however, some folks are comfortable adding a tatami mat between the mattress and the slats. The slats are required for 

How do I start a return?

I ordered your products through someone else, but I have a question about my order.

  • We can answer any product questions you may have, but we are not able to assist you with any orders you placed through one of our wholesale partners. Any questions regarding your order would be answered through the company you placed the order with. 

I want a swatch of the Coyuchi sheets I am interested in. How do I get some?

  • While we don’t carry their sample swatches, you can request them directly through Coyuchihere.

What's your return policy?

Either alinkor a brief description.

I have a question about my sales tax.

  • We only charge sales tax on orders purchased or shipped to a location within the state of Washington. That tax is based on the location of the purchase. For any out-of-state purchases, sales tax would not be applied to the order.

For customers shopping with us in our Showroom that are tax-exempt, you can submit your receipt toThe Department of Revenue.

How long does a topper last?

Can you feel the slats under the mattresses?


My house got infested with bugs, what do I do?

  • Call a pest control company 


How do I store my products?

I'm interested in becoming an affiliate with Holy Lamb Organics. How do I get involved?

What is Holy Lamb Organic's history? 

  • Can either be a brief description of the company’s timeline or alink

What warranties do you offer?

I would like to cancel or edit my order.

  • Please reach out to us at hello@holylamborganics, or give us a call so we can assist you with cancelling your order or updating it. 
  • Please keep in mind that we can not change certain things on orders, such as billing addresses, shipping, or make any edits to an order that has already been shipped. 
  • If you order has shipped and you would like to cancel it, you must wait until the delivery arrives, when you can either refuse the delivery or submit aReturn Request after delivery. 

What are your sustainability efforts outside of the materials used?

We strive to be as Zero Waste as possible. As part of this initiative, we reuse any scrap materials and packaging materials received from vendors. We recycle and compost at all of our facilities. We only use chemical-free, natural products in our workspaces, from the trash bags to the toilet paper! We refrain from using paper throughout our process, and any paper marketing tools that we do use (like our tags) are printed on 100% natural and recycled, unbleached paper. 

How can I track my order?

After your purchase has shipped, an email will be sent to the email address you provided during check out that includes a tracking number for your convenience. If you have not received such an email, please check your spam or junk folder. If you still cannot find the information, contact us and we will find it for you!

What if I get a notification that my package has arrived, but it is not here? 

Please double check your proof of delivery through the tracking number provided to you. Sometimes your package may have accidentally gotten delivered to a neighbor, delivered to a side door, or to an office if you reside in a  living complex. Please check all avenues and wait 24 hours before contacting us. Often times, your package is just around the corner!


I signed up to receive emails but my discount code for signing up isn’t working.

  • The welcome email code only applies to first time purchases with a first time email subscription.