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Add value to your retail or online store by adding natural Holy Lamb Organics specialty wool-filled products to your array of goods.

Our handmade signature products of organic cotton Sateen and Premium Eco Wool are developed and manufactured in a small town near Olympia, WA.

We’ve been in business for nearly 18 years and have partners across the nation, in Canada and in online stores too. In partnering with us, our business is to support your business with the finest natural wool bedding we can make.

Services at a glance

  • excellent customer service and phone support
  • order confirmations
  • fast shipping
  • drop-shipping
  • private labeling

Taking a stand

Zero Waste. Period. That’s the Holy Lamb Organics philosophy. We stand by it, do business by it and develop products through it. None of our by-products are ever put into a landfill. Nothing gets thrown away because as we see it, there is no “away”.

Our products employ a Cradle-to-Grave standard: anything we create must be able to return to the Earth without harming the land, people or animals who inhabit it.

You’re invited to stand with us as a retail partner.

Becoming a partner

Please Contact Us to see how we can work together.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News