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Mattress Warranties

We, at Holy Lamb Organics, are pretty picky about our bedding, so when we were searching for natural and organic mattress sources, we really dove deep into the details to find the right fit for us, and ultimately for you and your family.

Our mattress partners offer fantastic finished products and warranties to back them up. Listed below are the details to assure you of quality, copies of comprehensive care instructions, the warranties themselves, plus additional info to help you understand what’s covered and what’s not.

We’ve done the research for you to find our best partners. We’ve got you covered.

Mattresses are a relatively large investment and warranties are in place to help the purchaser, manufacturer and the distributor to be clear about coverage, quality and long term benefits to be had from this investment.

Your care of the mattress you purchase may impact the warranty or even void it.

Make your best choice by reviewing the policies and the warranties prior to purchase.

Official Warranties

Spring & Latex Mattresses and Foundations Warranty (WJ Southard)
Latex Mattress and Foundations Warranty (Natural Sense)
Certified Organic Latex Mattresses (Soaring Heart)
Crib Size Spring & Latex Mattresses Warranty
All Wool Mattress Warranty

Official Care Instructions

Spring & Latex Mattresses and Foundations CARE (WJ Southard)
Certified Organic Latex Mattresses and Toppers (Soaring Heart)
All Wool Mattress Care Instructions

For crib sizes & Natural Sense mattresses please see the warranty for care instructions.

Exchanges & Returns

  • All mattress sales are FINAL unless one of the following applies. If you would like to return a mattress here are the options available:

        • Lincklaen 10” Mattress by WJ Southard has a one year Comfort Adjustment Policy 
        • All Wool Mattress: return unused for a 15% restocking fee.
        • All other mattress sales are FINAL.
  • Used mattresses are never returnable.

Proper Mattress Support: Know how to support your mattress properly and avoid voiding the warranty.

If you have any questions regarding warranty information, our policies, or even your mattress, please give our office a call 888-359-1362.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News