Proper Support



Without proper support, a mattress can sag and become uncomfortable. In addition, failure to properly support a mattress can void the warranty. A rigid, ventilated flat surface will properly support your mattress and provide adequate airflow for breathability. We advise against placing your mattress on the floor or a solid platform frame.

Slatted Wood Bed Frame

Slatted bed frames provide optimal support and airflow. When choosing a slatted frame, we recommend the following specifications. Check the manufacturer's warranty on your specific mattress for definitive guidance:

  • Solid wooden slats consisting of 2.5” wide and spaced 2.5” apart provide the best support and optimize airflow. Slats spaced farther than 2.5” apart may allow the sleeper to feel the spaces between the slats and also void  the warranty.

  • Approximately 15 slats for Twin and Full sizes, and 17 slats for Queen and King.

  • Sizes Full through King must also have a rigid center support that runs head to foot and ideally 5 sturdy legs (3 minimum) touching the floor.

All our bed frame offerings meet these specifications.

Metal Frame

  • Use a frame that supports the head, foot, and sides of the bed.

  • Full - King sizes must have a rigid center support and 5 legs (1 at each corner and in the center).

  • Place a wood foundation on top of the metal frame and your mattress atop that.

Adding Slats to a Metal Frame

Some customers will add slats directly to the metal frame and place the mattress directly on top. This is acceptable as long as the specifications outlined above for Slatted Wood Bed Frames are met.