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Proper Mattress Support

Without proper support, a mattress can turn saggy and uncomfortable prematurely. Plus, if you don’t support a mattress properly it can void the warranty!

All of our mattresses need to be placed on a rigid, ventilated flat surface to accomplish 2 goals:
    • Support: All of the mattresses will need proper support. If the mattress is not properly supported you will experience sagging and possible structural damage to the mattress. Support the mattress so that it can support your body. Note: Failure to provide both adequate ventilation as well as proper support can render the warranty void.

    • Breathability: We recommend that all of our mattresses be placed on a breathable surface and not on a solid platform frame or on the floor. Solid frames are not ventilated and won’t provide enough airflow (unless you live in a very dry climate). This is why our bed frames and foundations feature slats in the design.

What NOT to do:

  • Don’t put your mattress on the floor.

  • No solid platform frames, mattresses need to breathe.

  • No spring frames for cribs. Frames with springs are not rigid enough to provide adequate support to the crib mattress.

Best Ways To Support Your Mattress:

#1: Slatted Wood Bed Frame

Slatted bed frames provide optimal support as well as airflow. When picking out a slatted frame be sure that it has the following specs:

  • Solid wooden slats consisting of 2.5” wide and spaced 1.5” apart provide the best support and optimize airflow. Slats spaced more than 1.5” apart may allow the sleeper to feel the spaces between the slats and render the warranty void.

  • Approx. 17 slats for Queen & King and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes.

  • Full - King sizes must have a rigid center support that runs head to foot and ideally 5 sturdy legs (3 minimum) touching the floor.

Our featured slatted wooden frame, The California Beauty Bedframe is made to specifically meet these support requirements and is made for all of our mattresses. Check out this small scale builder who uses selectively harvested wood and natural finishes.

#2: Metal Frames with Wood Foundations

Metal frames with the following specs can be used. You can also add a wood foundation (if it meets the specs below under “wood foundation”).

  • Use a frame that supports the head, foot and sides.

  • Full - King sizes must have a rigid center support and 5 legs (4 corners and 1 in middle).

  • Regularly check all bolts, screws, legs, and castors to make sure they haven’t loosened.

  • Place a wood foundation on top of the metal frame and then your natural mattress.

Adding Slats to a Metal Frame

Some customers will add slats directly to the metal frame and place the mattress right on top. That is fine as long as you follow all of the specifications outlined above for Slatted Frames.

Wood Foundation Specs

We offer a wood foundation in 2 heights to meet your mattress needs that is specifically designed to meet proper support criteria. This Foundation is intended for all latex & innerspring mattresses (not the All Wool Mattress). If you choose a wood foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics make sure it has at least 17 slats for Queen & King Sizes and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes. Also note that using a foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void.    

About Box Springs

We do not currently offer an organic box spring (though we have in the past). If you use a box spring remember that it will add some softness to your mattress as it is a spring coil unit which has some give. A box spring will need to be supported by a metal frame with a rigid center support for Full - King sizes.

Note: using a box spring that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void. 

About Unfinished Wood: A Recommendation

If the wood on your bed frame is unfinished, we recommend placing a wool Moisture Barrier over the frame before placing the mattress. This will reduce wear on the mattress cover and impede the transfer of splinters.

Questions about proper support?

Please give our office a call 888-359-1362.

We would be happy to discuss your individual needs.
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News