Cotton, Wool, Latex

Organic cotton, natural and organic wool, all-natural latex. Everything that goes in to making every Holy Lamb product comes to us from nature. You won't find synthetic materials or chemical additives in anything we create. 


We use the finest organic cotton sateen and canvas fabric. Our cotton is grown in India, then milled and finished in a GOTS-certified facility in Pakistan. Never bleached or dyed, our sateen is naturally lustrous and soft, and our canvas is lightweight and durable. And it's all certified 100% organic. No chemicals are involved at any stage of the process – planting, growing, harvesting, and processing are all handled in accordance with GOTS protocols. Utilizing farming methods that encourage healthy ecosystems, including eliminating the toxic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers common in conventional cotton farming, means a safer environment for farm workers, more productive and sustainable soil, reduced irrigation needs, and a healthier end product for you.




We offer a pristine natural wool sourced from the western U.S. and aGOTS-certified organic option from New Zealand. None of our wool is ever carbonized or bleached, and sheep dipping is never practiced. We use a medium-fine wool blend, the best loft for bedding--soft, supple, and never itchy. The mill produces exceptionally clean wool, scouring it multiple times with hot water and a mild, biodegradable soap. When washing the certified-organic wool, a natural wool keratin soap is used. The wool is carded multiple times, loosening and releasing any debris, dirt, or vegetable matter without stripping the fibers or completely removing the lanolin. Carding also shifts the wool fibers so they all run in the same direction. The end result is a beautifully smooth, all-natural wool batting with bounce and natural resilience.

American Natural Wool

Our all-natural premium eco wool is domestically sourced from small sheep ranches in the western US. The ranchers follow established criteria that ensure healthy, humane, and environmentally sound practices that are good for the animals, the land, and the community. Sheep are pastured on hills and valleys out in the fresh air with plenty of room to roam. They're never harmed during the shearing process; think of it as a yearly haircut. Trained herding dogs protect the flocks, and the ranchers practice responsible grazing and refrain from using herbicides and pesticides. The health of the sheep is continually monitored, and healthy, holistic veterinary practices are employed as necessary.

GOTS-certified Organic Wool

For many of our products, you have the option of choosing certified-organic wool produced in accordance with GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard. The same mill that provides and processes our west coast natural wool also works directly with sheep ranchers in New Zealand to source the highest quality certified-organic wool. As with our domestic wool, the process of obtaining our GOTS-certified wool employs the highest standards of humane treatment and pristine processing and handling methods. GOTS also maintains benchmarks for ecological and social factors along the entire supply chain, ensuring fair labor practices and environmentally conscious methods.

Wool's Benefits

Wool's breathability and moisture-wicking properties help regulate your body temperature while sleeping, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. This moisture-wicking ability also creates a low-humidity microclimate inhospitable to dust mites. Wool is also inherently fire resistant, providing a safe sleep environment without the need for chemical fire retardant additives. Add to that wool's anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties and you have the ideal setting for comfortable, healthy rest. Extremely durable, with proper care your heritage-quality wool bedding can last for decades.

The Scent of Lanolin

Wool has a mild natural scent which comes from lanolin, a natural oil that protects the sheep's wool and skin from the elements and the environment. Approximately 1% of the lanolin is intentionally left in the wool after the scouring and cleaning process. This ensures conditioning effects and increases the longevity and vitality of our wool. We find the majority of our customers either don't notice a scent or find the natural scent to be mild, pleasant, and benign. This scent should dissipate within a few days.



Our latex is sustainably harvested from FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) rubber tree farmsand processed in GOLS-certified (Global Organic Latex Standard) factories. This means only organic fertilizers can be used, and workers are employed to fair-trade standards. We use Dunlop latex in our products, which refers to the process used to transform liquid latex into latex foam. After the liquid is tapped from the tree, it's whipped, poured into a mold, and baked to create a dense, breathable foam that's 100% natural and biodegradable. Safe and hypoallergenic, it's also naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. With its natural elasticity, latex supports and conforms to the entire body. Latex is ideal for motion isolation too. Your head on a latex pillow will have consistent support, and your sleep won't be disturbed by your partner's movements on a latex topper or mattress. Natural Dunlop latex stands the test of time and provides long-lasting comfort.