Product Care

Click here for full care instructions.

With proper care, your wool bedding will provide years of comfort. You'll find care instructions for all Holy Lamb Organics items on our product pages. For comforters and sleeping bags, check out our comforter care video for step-by-step guidance on caring for your product.

Our blog is another great resource. Check out Refresh Your Bedding for guidance on using the natural power of the sun to keep your wool bedding fresh and comfy. Caring For Your Sheets in an Eco-friendly Way offers tips on protecting your investment and extending the life of your linens. Why Washable Wool Isn't For Us sheds light on our choice to keep all Holy Lamb products 100% natural.

A note about the scent of wool - Our wool, both natural and organic, is cleaned and processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. That's why you may initially notice the mild sweet scent of sunny farm pastures when you receive your new wool product. Our wool retains 1% of the naturally occurring lanolin oil, which helps condition the fibers and keep them fluffy and soft for years to come. Most customers find the scent dissipates within a few days.