Our Wool Mill


Holy Lamb Organics is proud of its longstanding partnership with Woolgatherer Carding Mill, an all-natural, dedicated wool-only facility creating a variety of wool blends, all expertly handcrafted for loft and quality. Located in the small town of Montague, California, in the heart of beautiful Siskiyou County, Woolgatherer is at the forefront of the industry, producing the cleanest, fluffiest natural wool batting utilizing an impeccably restored antique carding mill.

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are fundamental to Woolgather’s mission. They’re meticulous about upholding the highest standards through every step of the process, from the pasture to the final product. Woolgatherer staff maintain personal relationships with small Oregon and California sheep ranchers to ensure best practices, establishing strict criteria to ensure flocks are managed humanely and the operations employ chemical-free, environmentally safe methods. These partnerships allow small family ranches to thrive and ensure the wool that runs through the mill is ethically sourced.

To certify the integrity of its commitment to being chemical free, the mill’s wool is periodically tested by the California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory at the University of California at Davis. Thorough testing confirms the wool used to create your bedding is free of herbicides, pesticides, mold and heavy metals.

Woolgatherer is a special place, and we’re honored to pass along their beautiful work to you in our products.