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The Sheep of Premium Eco-Wool™ and Our Amazing Mill Partner March 23 2016

Let's take a closer look at the wool characteristics from 7 different breeds of sheep that make up the bulk of our fantastic Premium Eco-Wool™. Our trusted mill developed their Sustainable Wool Program for family sheep farms in the USA. 

Have you heard this phrase?

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

This is true in the case of the wools we source here at Holy Lamb Organics. One of the main 100% wool blends we use to handcraft our natural bedding products is called Premium Eco-Wool™.

The following breakout gives an introduction to most of the types of sheep fleeces used in our Premium Eco-Wool™. You can see already it's a diverse and long list!

Best known for it's regular and clearly defined crimp in its fleece, called a "saw tooth" crimp. Wool from Corriedales bring an elasticity and their excellent fibers provide a reliable uniformity, due to the scales (or cuticle cells) on the surface of each fiber.
Known as a "medium wool" the Suffolk's fleece is comprised of short, naturally formed locks or clusters of fibers (or staple). Suffolk is also noted as a dense fleece with good bulk and a fine fiber.
A rarer breed of sheep, the Dorset contributes dense locks and a strong, though irregular, crimp. Known for its fine to medium texture, Dorset holds its shape well and has a good wear resistance.
Similar to the Dorset and Suffolk, Cheviot sheep produce a generous fine crimped fleece that is very resilient. 
The Romney is a hardy long-wool breed. Their fleeces are long and lustrous...perfect for blending with the shorter-stapled wools. Additional characteristics include good durability with little elasticity or bulk.
Categorized as a long-wool sheep, the Coopworth's fleeces have well-defined crimps which bring elasticity to Premium Eco-Wool™.

A popular breed with a heavy white fleece and medium wool grade, the Columbia wool brings a sturdiness to our blend.



The Wool Gatherer Carding Mill

Balancing all of these wool fibers into a premium 100% wool blend happens at the Wool Gatherer Carding Mill. Our trusted, like-minded partners, the experts at our mill are the artists who source the wool directly from family farms in California and Oregon. 

At a USA facility, under the guidance of our mill, the wool is scoured, or cleaned, and the fibers of different breeds are blended. Then the mill will card the wool, a step which further cleans and aligns the wool fibers. All this work produces an incredible uniform material for us to use in our bedding. Read more about this process in the mill link above.

Our mill is more than 100 years old and has created the Sustainable Wool Program that gives small USA sheep farmers a means to sell their fibers right here at home. We're so proud of the work this mill does, and how our organic natural bedding fosters the economy for local family farms through this partnership. 

We are also proud of the ethical treatment the sheep receive in our Sustainable Wool Program. Read more about the high standards farmers in this program uphold here.

Everyone wins when sustainability, best practices and quality veterinary and stewardship of sheep are at play.

Indeed, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. And we're proud to be a part of the whole.



Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News