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About Our Choice to Be a Fragrance Free Company November 03 2015

It was an easy choice for us to become a fragrance-free company. It's a choice already ingrained in how we select partners for the cotton and wool we choose and use, the absolute absence of fire retardant chemicals and even how we prepare individually to show up to work each day...and why. Take a look.

Many of our customers have conditions of asthma, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Some customers don't have a condition, but really just have a preference for fragrance free products and rely on companies like ours who understand and work to seek out non-processed, non-chemical raw goods in order to create each product. 

Added fragrances can act as an irritant and may actually induce side effects. Side effects from fragrance exposure may include: headaches, dizziness, irritability, confusion, anxiety, eye irritation and redness, respiratory distress or difficulty breathing and there many more we could add to the list. 

Our step toward fragrance free
We take many small steps to achieve a scent-free environment and to guarantee scent-free products. It's continually improving as we incorporate steps to our buying, production, and, yes, even returns policies. We are committed to this for our customers, but also for us. We need to sleep at night here's what we're doing about it. Daily.

Part of our core philosophy
From the About Us page:

We guarantee that our facility is a dedicated scent-free environment. A good percentage of customers count on us to deliver scent-free products. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a concern for many of our customers and employees.

  • Our employees come to work using only natural and scent-free products.
  • All of our cleaning products are guaranteed natural & safe.
  • We ask our customers when visiting our showroom to be scent-free.

Making it easy to guarantee
The processes we implement make it easier to maintain a fragrance free guarantee:

  • No synthetics
  • No conventionally grown cotton
  • No chemicals or fire retardants
  • No carbonization of wool
  • No bleaching of wool
  • No sheep dipping

We choose vendors and producers with like-minded core values and philosophies. 

We also build our products daily inside a fragrance free environment and prepare for work with fragrance free personal products. 

And we're not alone
From the City of Portland, OR to Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA and even a university in Canada, University of Calgary in Alberta, has deemed the community scent free after a "We Share the Air" campaign. All students, teachers and workers may use scent free classrooms, library, theaters and other facilities and breathe easy.

One of the first cities in North America to "go fragrance free" at work is Halifax, Nova Scotia...and that happened more than 23 years ago. A whole generation of people have grown up and gone to work without wearing scented beauty or personal products in public places.

Making the best bedding we can
We feel good about our committment and choice to prepare for work and work in a scent free environment to make the most natural, most pure bedding products we can.

It's personal when you, your family and loved ones sleep on the products we make.

We chose to be a fragrance free company long ago, and actively, willingly practice this choice every single day.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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