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Choose your Wool

    Choose domestically sourced wool from our Sustainable Wool Program or GOTS-certified organic wool from New Zealand.

    Sustainable Wool Program

    The wool is sourced locally from small sheep ranches in the western US. Participating ranchers follow established criteria that ensure healthy, humane, and environmentally sound practices that are good for people, the land, and the animals. Sheep are pastured on hills and valleys out in the fresh air with plenty of room to roam. They're not harmed during the shearing process; think of it as a yearly haircut. Trained herding dogs protect the flocks, and the ranchers practice proper grazing and refrain from using herbicides and pesticides. The health of the sheep is monitored, and healthy veterinary practices are employed as necessary.

    The mill produces exceptionally clean wool, scouring it multiple times with hot water and a natural, biodegradable soap. The wool is also carded several times, which loosens and releases any debris, dirt, or vegetable matter from the wool without stripping the fibers or removing the lanolin. Carding also shifts the wool fibers so they are running in the same direction. The end result is a beautifully smooth, all-natural wool batting with bounce and natural resilience.

    Our wool does not undergo carbonization or bleaching, and sheep dipping is never practiced. We use a medium-fine wool blend, the best loft for bedding. It's soft, supple, and never itchy.

    Certified-Organic Wool

    For many of our products, you can choose a certified-organic wool option, produced in accordance with GOTS, the Global Organic Textiles Standards. The same mill that provides our local wool also works directly with sheep ranchers in New Zealand to source the highest quality certified-organic wool. As with the sustainable wool program, the process of obtaining our certified-organic wool employs the highest standards of humane treatment and pristine processing and handling methods.


      Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
      Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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