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Choose your Wool

There are 3 main things you should know about our wool:

  1. Choose local-wool from our Sustainable Wool Program or imported Certified Organic Wool*
  2. The Sustainable Wool Program we support is locally sourced domestic wool from the USA - raised to the same ethical and quality standards as organic.
  3. Our wool is milled at a dedicated wool-only facility- no other fibers are processed on site. It is of the best, cleanest and purest quality available.

**choice of certified organic only available on a few products - more to come soon!

Wool Blends

We like to offer options! For many of our products choose to have it hand built with Certified Organic Wool or a wool blend from our Sustainable Wool Program. On each product page go to "Materials" for specific definitions, sources and specs. We believe in being transparent!

Our Sustainable Wool Program

The majority of our products use wool from this program. Our signature blend is Premium Eco Wool though there are other wool blends to choose from. Why are these wool blends a cut above the rest? 

Locally Sourced:
The wool is sourced locally from small sheep farmers across the USA instead of imported from New Zealand and Australia. Support small American farms and local wool!

Sustainable Practices:
The Growers who participate in the criteria established by the Sustainable Wool Program make choices that are healthy- good for people, land, and animals. In turn, for following these best practices, the farmers are paid a fair price for their wool. It is a win-win situation for everyone. 

High-Quality Clean Wool:
Not all wool is the same. It depends on the machinery. Our mill produces the cleanest wool we’ve found, due to their exceptional carding process. It employs additional breakers to produce a dust free and virtually vegetable matter free wool. We deliver the highest quality organic bedding to you and your loved ones.

Non-Itchy, Not Carbonized, Not Bleached:
Our wool does NOT go through a carbonization process nor is sheep dipping involved and it’s never bleached. We use a medium-fine wool blend which is the best loft for bedding and it’s not an itchy wool.

For specific sustainable practices and growing criteria, please see Our Wool Mill.

Certified Organic Wool Batting

For some of our products, choose to have it built with certified organic wool batting. This chemical free and guaranteed to be good wool is processed under the strict guidelines set forth by the Global Organic Textiles Standards (GOTS). Our mill works directly with family farmers in New Zealand to ensure the highest-quality wool.

Complete List of Wool Types At Holy Lamb Organics



Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News