Our GOTS Story

December 14, 2018 2 min read

Holy Lamb Organics passed a big milestone in 2018, completing the demanding process to become a GOTS-certified facility.

What is GOTS? It stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, the international textile processing standard for organic fibers. The standard mandates strict adherence to environmental and toxicological criteria. And it’s not just about the materials. GOTS also maintains benchmarks for ecological and social factors along the entire supply chain, including fair labor practices and environmentally conscious methods. From the farm to the mill to production to shipping, each step has to measure up before a product can carry the GOTS logo. 

Holy Lamb Organics has been making quality organic bedding since 2000. When we started out, GOTS didn’t exist, and certification wasn’t an option. But we always made the conscious choice to source organic wool harvested and processed following the same rigorous guidelines now codified by GOTS. Today we have the official stamp of approval to validate the practices we upheld during those first 18 years.

To earn this official accreditation, our entire organization underwent an exacting audit performed by the folks at Oregon Tilth. Who are they? Originally established as an advocacy group for organic food and farming, the mission of this Corvallis-based nonprofit has expanded to include oversight of organic certification for manufacturers and processers of non-food agricultural products. Representatives of Oregon Tilth perform ongoing audits of our company to ensure we’re living up to our GOTS commitment.

We can’t tell the GOTS story without mentioning our dedicated HLO staff. Thanks to their years of hard work and diligent adherence to our own high internal standards, we passed our initial inspection with flying colors and continue to get top marks in our audits.

Holy Lamb Organics is proud to have joined the GOTS organization in their mission of making organic textiles a significant part of everyday life, providing exceptional products that benefit people and the environment.


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