All-Natural Orthopedic Neck Pillow

Developed in partnership with a chiropractic physician, this unique design allows your head to rest on a flat surface while your neck stays properly supported and in cervical alignment with your spine. With a neck bolster along each long edge, one stuffed slightly more than the other, you can choose the exact amount of support you need. Made with 30 oz. of premium eco wool in an organic cotton sateen cover, the orthopedic pillow measures 18" x 24" and fits in our standard zippered pillow case.

How to Choose a Pillow

This product ships in a sturdy cardboard box secured with paper tape. We don't use plastic wrap or synthetic packing materials in the box. If you'd like a little extra protection, you can request your product be placed inside a biodegradable bag before boxing.


Sunning your pillow periodically will keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. Spot clean only.

The scent of wool - Our wool, both natural and organic, is cleaned and processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. That's why you may notice the mild sweet scent of sunny farm pastures when you receive your new wool product. The wool retains 1% of the naturally occurring lanolin oil, which helps condition the fibers and keep them fluffy and soft for years to come. Most customers find the scent dissipates within a few days.

Customer Reviews

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Orthopedic Neck Pillow

I absolutely Love my new orthopedic neck pillow.It is very comfortable and supports my neck perfectly. Would and will definitely purchase again from a great company!! Highly Recommend!!

It can provide different support in 4 distinct ways.

Now after sleeping with this piillow over a year, I need to clarify it is indeed the BEST pillow ever, hands down, and, we have a huge pile of pillows we've tried to get to this one. Previously, I was a NO pillow sleeper. What makes it the best is that it can be used like a standard pillow, but can also be ROLLED to be an extra thick neck pillow. It can also be turned to go lengthwise with your body for different type of support, then can be rolled in that position as well. It's the goldilocks of pillows, not too much padding, just enough. Myself, I put a Manito silk pillowcase on it. Try this pillow, you can't go wrong given how many variations of use you can have with it!

No more neck pain!!!

I'm so deeply appreciative of the orthopedic neck pillow!! No more neck pain and best of all... its environmentally friendly

Two thumbs up!

This pillow was the answer to my chronic neck and shoulder pain. Wow. Had no idea a pillow could make that much of a difference. Sleeping much more soundly as a result of property head/neck alignment.

Pure luxury

This is my 4th orthopedic pillow from Holy Lamb Organics. (Typical life if the pillow is 2-2.5 years) While I love the purity of materials used to make them. The support is the perfect balance I have not been able to find in any other Cervical pillow. I am mostly a side sleeper and this supports my neck without feeling like my head is falling into a bowl which most Cervical pillows do. I also noticed an upgrade in the fabric used to cover the pillow on my newest purchase. They just keep getting better!