Certified Organic Nursing Pillow - Bo Peep


Brings baby closer for nursing with this comfy, all-natural nursing pillow. The Bo Peep Nursing Pillow is thoughtfully designed to make each feeding easier and more ergonomic for both mom and baby. Made with GOTS-certified organic wool encased in GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen, this all-natural cushion lifts the infant closer to the breast for a more comfortable, satisfying nursing experience. It also relieves pressure on mom's arms and legs with just the right amount of loft to cradle and support baby without muscle tension or strain. As the little one gets older, the nursing pillow can be placed on the floor and utilized as a secure support for sitting up and playtime, with the sides of the pillow wrapping around baby to create a cozy and secure space. Order alone or with a separate case. Additional cases availablefor purchase.

  • Nylon zipper

Your Baby and Wool

This product ships in a sturdy cardboard box secured with paper tape. We don't use plastic wrap or synthetic packing materials in the box. If you'd like a little extra protection, you can request your product be placed inside a biodegradable bag before boxing.


Sunning your pillow periodically will keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. Nursing pillow is not machine washable but can be spot cleaned. The separate case is machine washable in cold water, line dry or tumble dry low.

The scent of wool - Our wool, both natural and organic, is cleaned and processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. That's why you may notice the mild sweet scent of sunny farm pastures when you receive your new wool product. The wool retains 1% of the naturally occurring lanolin oil, which helps condition the fibers and keep them fluffy and soft for years to come. Most customers find the scent dissipates within a few days.

Customer Reviews

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Certified Organic Nursing Pillow - Bo Peep

Worth every penny!

I decided to treat myself to this pillow for my second child and I’m SO GLAD I
did! I’m actually a little sad we’re getting close to weaning because this pillow is such a treat to use. It’s so breathable and comfy. It doesn’t even compare to the popular nursing pillow brands out there… trust me, I’ve used them all. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this for yourself - just do it. It’s worth every penny!

Beautiful and High Quality!

This pillow is plush, beautiful, high quality and soft!

A worthwhile purchase!

This pillow is wonderful. I had been using a similar one made of synthetic materials in the same shape and with the amount of time my baby spent sleeping on it (after falling asleep while nursing) I feel much better to now have an organic pillow instead. In addition, this pillow is much more firm and full than our prior one, and working really well for us! Thank you for making such a thoughtful product!