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Holy Lamb Organics

Woolly Down Bed Pillow

Tailor to your exact comfort preference.


Extra Puffs 3 ounces
Extra Puffs 6 ounces

$ 10.00 $ 135.00

All the benefits of wool, plus soft, squishable support similar to a down-feather product. Our most versatile pillow, tiny puffs of wool encased in a zippered case of organic cotton sateen can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Wool puffs have more substance than down, meaning they can take a shape and hold it. You can easily add or remove puffs to tailor the pillow to your exact comfort level. We offer extra puffs in 3- and 6-oz bags.

Dimensions and Wool Weight



Wool Weight


20” x 24”

33 oz.


20” x 29”

39 oz.


20” x 35”

45 oz.

 How to choose a pillow.

Product Care

Sunning your pillow periodically will keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. To freshen your Woolly Down after extended use, simply unzip the case and separate the puffs to restore the fill to its original fluffiness. The fill is not washable, but the wool puffs can be removed and the case washed. Machine wash case in cold water and line dry or tumble dry low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Wooly down pillow

I love my wooly down bed pillow! I have trouble with my neck and must constantly change the amount of pillow under it. Mostly I need next to nothing but occasionally more. I can manipulate the filling to whatever I need due to pain levels! This pillow is great! I took 1/3 if filling out, put it in another case to use in my recliner behind my back. As I said I LOVE my pillow!!!
Thank you!


This pillow is part of an raffle in July. I am sure the winner will love it. Quality pillow.

Very comfortable!

I am very glad that I learned about this product. Feel much better using these pillows in my home from a health perspective. Don’t need to turn pillow over, as it never seems to get too warm while I am sleeping.


I love my new holly down bed pillow. I especially like being able create the density I want and use the sun to maintain the freshness of the wool.

Just What We Needed!

My husband and I love our new Woolly Down Pillows. The best thing about these pillows is that they are customizable to fit your desired firmness or softness. It took me a couple nights to find my "sweet spot" with how firm or soft to go but now it's pure delight to lay my head down each night to go to sleep. Love it!

Premium Eco Wool

Organic Cotton Fabric

Machine Washable-gentle with special instructions

Handmade in Oakville, WA USA by Holy Lamb Organics

I have a woolley "down" pillow (little tufts of wool) and I love has the flexibility of down but it's wool. Brilliant.

Frances - USA

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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