Let Your Bed Breathe

November 19, 2019 2 min read

Wool has outstanding qualities that make it ideal for bedding. One of the most remarkable is the fiber’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking properties that help regulate body temperature. It’s why wool allows you to sleep cool in summer yet keeps you warm during the colder months. It’s also the reason sleep partners who run at different temperatures can comfortably share a bed. But if you don’t build your sleep system with the right ingredients, the wool can't work its magic.

Think of your bed holistically. Say you have a new wool or wool & latex mattress or topper, and you want to add a protective layer. It’s a smart idea, but you also need to make a smart choice. If you choose a mattress pad containing plastic or rubber, you’re not only introducing a chemical product into your sleep environment, you’re blocking the wool fibers' ability to wick away moisture. The same goes for bed linens. When shopping for sheets and duvet covers, steer clear of polyester and opt for cotton, linen, or hemp. Don’t let synthetic materials come between you and the benefits of wool, or you’ll be back where you were before you upgraded to natural bedding. Also, pay attention to thread count. Higher doesn't necessarily mean better, and that tighter weave can impede breathability.

When it comes to mattress protection, there are healthy options that do an excellent job and won’t inhibit the breathability of your wool bedding. We’re partial to our Wool Moisture Barrier, a tightly woven, naturally water-repellent textile that’s the perfect companion to our mattresses and toppers. If you’re looking for something more like a conventional mattress pad, the Organic Cotton Mattress Pad from Coyuchi has a quilted top and deep 15” pocket with full elastic all around the perimeter.

Whatever you choose, just keep in mind the goal of allowing your bed to breathe and you can’t go wrong. You'll enhance your sleep experience and ensure you’re getting all the benefits that come with wool.

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