All-Natural Wool Sleeping Bag


Like our classic wool bedding items, we choose only the best materials, with the added element of outdoor durability. Made with an organic cotton sateen lining in an organic cotton canvas outer shell and filled with a generous amount of breathable, domestically sourced premium eco wool batting. Hand tufting keeps the wool securely in place. YKK snag-resistant zipper around the side and lower edge. Two sleeping bags of the same size can be zipped together for partner sleeping. The sleeping bag is rated for summertime use (+32°F). Wool is an excellent insulator and wicks moisture away from your body, creating a comfy environment for car camping or sleeping under the stars. For reference, the wool weight in our sleeping bags is equivalent to that used in our Extra Warmth Wool Comforter. Comes in an organic cotton twill stuff sack that cinches closed with a woven wool tie. Our wool sleeping bag also pairs perfectly with other items in our Travel line. 

  • Kid's - 26" x 60", wool weight 4.8 lbs
  • Regular - 33" x 75", wool weight 5 lbs
  • Tall - 35" x 82", wool weight 5.5 lbs

This product ships in a sturdy cardboard box secured with paper tape. We don't use plastic wrap or synthetic packing materials in the box. If you'd like a little extra protection, you can request your product be placed inside a biodegradable bag before boxing.


Sunning your sleeping bag periodically will keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. Spot clean as needed. Treat stains by soaking area with hydrogen peroxide (note, this may cause lightening of fabric). Can be machined washed in cold water. Manually set to soak and spin cycles only. Do not use the wash cycle, which agitates and can ruin your sleeping bag. For stained items, add a dose of live cultured enzymes (such as Bac-Out by Biokleen) during soak. Drape in the sun or warm place to dry. Do not wring or machine dry. The instructions in our comforter care video apply to our sleeping bags as well. 

The scent of wool - Our wool, both natural and organic, is cleaned and processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. That's why you may notice the mild sweet scent of sunny farm pastures when you receive your new wool product. The wool retains 1% of the naturally occurring lanolin oil, which helps condition the fibers and keep them fluffy and soft for years to come. Most customers find the scent dissipates within a few days.

Customer Reviews

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So cozy

The sleeping bag is so soft and cozy. I look forward to climbing inside. I do have a little problem with the zipper just opening if I roll around through the night but the rest of it is so perfect it wouldn’t have stopped me purchasing it, it’s just a slight annoyance. Would be nice if it had some sort of top closure to prevent that.
Love this sleeping bag, love this company!

Hello Amanda,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review for your wool sleeping bag. We appreciate the feedback and will pass it along to our production team.

-The HLO Team


Comfortable warm and eco-friendly, I love It!

Very Nice!

I FINALLY found a wool sleeping bag! I had purchased the “coleman” sleeping bag, but so did not want to sleep in it! I then purchased silk inserts so I wouldn’t touch the inside…..Now, I will have a safe, wool sleeping bag to use! I haven’t tried it yet, but plan to next winter…I do wish there was a scale to determine how cold this bag will work…ex: to 30*, 40*, etc..
The only ‘downside’ is it is very large and won’t really roll tightly…had to get a HUGE dry bag to keep this in my jeep for breakdowns. Also, wish there were ties to help roll it tighter..I had to use bungie cords

Hello Carol,

Thank you for taking the time to provide such a thoughtful review. We're very excited to hear that you are looking forward to using our wool sleeping bag. This bag is rated for summertime use (+32°F). We appreciate your other feedback and I will be passing it along to our production manager for review.

-The HLO team

Wool sleeping bag

A very soft and comfortable cocoon. I sleep well and the wool allows my whole body to breathe. I would have liked a darker material for the interior. Bought a bamboo travel sheet to help keep inside clean. Outer material could have been waxed and zipper could have been heavier duty.

If I could give it 10 stars I would

Expertly handcrafted. Beautiful. I purchased the tall so it is very bulky which is great. It comes with a durable caring case. I HIGHLY recommend it!