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Organic Mattress - Latex 6.5"

Similar to other memory foams on the market, but better. Our breathable, GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex core is wrapped in a generous swath of felted GOTS certified organic wool to make our chemical-free, hypoallergenic, mold resistant, dust mite repellent mattress. It’s not too good to be true. It’s our certified Organic latex mattress.

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Twin XL
California King

$ 1,678.95

Certified Organic for Chemical-Free Sleep

Soft and contouring, but supportive, the Organic Latex Mattress is a Soaring Heart classic. Handcrafted in Seattle from a single 6" deep piece of GOLS certified organic Dunlop latex for unrivaled durability and surrounded by a thin layer of soft GOTS certified organic wool, the mattress is as resilient as it is comfortable.

What It Is

Our latex is made from pure rubber tree sap, we use organic wool as our fire barrier and it is selected from only the finest sheep farms in New Zealand, and our Cotton is organically grown on GOTS certified fields in Pakistan. Nothing but good, honest organic materials provided by good, honest people.

All Soaring Heart Products are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

Options & Feel

  • The 6.5” Certified Organic Latex Mattress is Standard Firm (28-32 ILD), a firmness level which suits most people.
  • Add a natural Foundation and make sure it has proper support.
  • See “Help Choosing” to see which mattress is best for you. 

Proper Support

Make sure your mattress has what it needs to support both you and your mattress. See “Proper Support” to see what type of specs we recommend for a bed frame and foundation.

Quality Assured

Not only is Dunlop latex extremely resilient and flexible, it is also designed to be sturdy for long periods of time. Soaring Heart's mattresses really do last for 20+ years without taking an impression and customers are overjoyed with their purchase. 

Phone Support

We’re happy to talk with you about the right mattress for your situation. Please give us a call.


This Product Uses The Following Raw Materials:

Wool Batting

Organic Cotton Fabric

  • Made of 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • Read more about Organic Cotton

Dunlop Latex

We are committed to using only the highest quality natural and organic materials, sourced as locally as possible. This includes when we partner with like-minded vendors.

Product Specifications

  • Core: GOLS organic certified Dunlop rubber latex core
  • Encasement: GOTS certified organic cotton encasement.
  • No Fire Retardants: Surrounded by GOTS certified organic felted wool means your mattress is naturally fire retardant. No glues either.
  • Manufacturer Location: Seattle, USA. Trusted source for HLO
  • Warranty: 20 year
  • Dimensions
      • Twin 39" x 75" x 6.5"
      • Twin XL 39" x 80" x 6.5"
      • Full 54" x 75" x 6.5"
      • Queen 60" x 80" x 6.5"
      • King 76' wide x 80" long x 6.5"
      • California King 72" wide x 84" long X 6.5"
  • Actual Mattress (length & width dimensions) may vary by up to 1" overall to accommodate for the variances in bed frames. Please contact us to learn more if you have specific requirements.
  • Actual Mattress height is approximately 6.5".
  • Please e mail us if you are interested in custom sizing for latex mattresses

Order a Sample

We have samples of a variety of our products. This will allow you to touch and feel the quality of our products before purchasing, assess the right temperature weights and thickness as well as test for sensitivities. We sell them at cost, and the larger samples can be returned for credit towards your purchase.

Our Certified Organic 6" Dunlop Latex Mattress sample is a special order item.

Call us at 1-888-359-1362 or email sales@holylamborganics.com to order a sample today!

What we are talking about when we talk about organic.

We offer two high-quality mattress lines, all-natural and certified organic. We know the terms natural and organic are used in different ways from the grocery store to the bedding industry, so let us define what we mean.

We use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton for all of our encasements and covers. Our wool batting and latex is the difference between our all-natural and certified organic mattresses. 

Our all-natural line is produced from domestic wool raised in our Sustainable Wool Program and Oeko-Tex 100 certified Latex. Our certified organic line uses cotton, wool, and latex that flows through a supply chain that's verified at every level by a third party auditor to certify its observance of GOTS and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) principles.

Ultimate Transparency

All the mattresses we carry avoid the major hazards of conventional mattresses. The all share many many of the other benefits listed below. But with a certified organic mattress, you have one major benefit: supply chain transparency.

Thanks to the strict tenants of GOTS and GOLS  we can trace the materials that went into your mattress back to the sheep it was sheered from, plant the cotton was picked from and tree the latex was tapped from.  We feel that this is meaningful because these tenants also allow us to say with confidence that every hand and hoof that went into making your bedding was treated with respect and fairly compensated for their labors.  These tenants are verified at every step in the supply chain, from farm, to mill, to factory, to you, by highly trained third-party auditors and certifiers that ensure everyone is working towards a more transparent world.

Hypoallergenic Naturally

Both wool and latex, major components of our mattresses are hypoallergenic, resist mold & mildews and repel dust mites. The mass manufactured mattress companies can’t claim this. If you’re looking for the most healthy mattress next to your body, you’ve found it.

Absolutely No Fire Retardant Chemicals

All mattresses by law are required to be fire-retardant. The most common and cheap way to meet this requirement is to douse the mattress with fire-retardant toxic chemicals. We have a better way.

Our certified organic mattresses are wrapped in thick layers of GOTS certified wool AND they all pass the legal requirements (and fire tests!) in order to get to the market. Wool is naturally fire retardant: it just doesn’t ignite.

Temperature Regulating: A Perfect Sleep

All of our mattresses are wrapped in wool to wick away moisture, leaving your body at a perfect temp and able to get a deeper sleep.

About memory foam: Many people complain about sweating and being too hot to get a good rest on latex or memory foam mattresses. Not the case with ours. Our organic Dunlop latex has an open cell structure which lets air move freely through it.

More Restful Sleep

Two studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Wales (University of Glamorgan) and the Hohenstein Institute in Germany offer proof. Scientists found that human subjects who used a wool comforter were kept drier by wool’s moisture wicking properties, plus their subject’s heart rates were lowered indicating a more restful deeper sleep.


There is always a way. Anyone can get into a non-fire retardant organic material mattress at a reasonable price. Please refer to our Mattress Comparison Chart which organizes the mattresses by price. See our Layaway Program as well.

Your nightly rest and rejuvenation are worth the price of a certified organic, breathable mattress.

Natural Latex was first sold in the 1930's when the process to whip and bake natural tree rubber was invented. Since then, all-natural and certified organic latex has earned a spot in our bedrooms for its unique and beneficial qualities.

Why Is Natural Latex Wonderful for Bedding?

With its natural elasticity, latex supports and conforms to the geography of the entire body, easing pressure on hips and shoulders while also supporting the small of the back and the waist. 

Natural Dunlop latex stands the test of time and does not dip or flatten out over time with proper care. Latex's long-lasting comfort can easily carry a person from childhood well into adulthood. 

Dunlop Latex comes from the tropical rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. The tree, when tapped, exudes a milky fluid which flows freely and can be harvested for up to approximately 30 years. 

A Renewable Resource, From Trees
Each tree, when tapped, exudes a milky fluid which flows freely and can be harvested for up to approximately 30 years. "Just one queen size mattress requires 12 acres of rubber plantations to be tapped (which does not harm the trees). This number of trees absorbs a huge 143 tonnes of CO² from the air every year, and provides employment for 8 rubber tappers." (1)

Healthy Benefits
Rubberized latex is safe and hypoallergenic for just about everyone. Latex is also naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria. Including latex in your sleep system can be very beneficial to people with allergies. 

Motion Isolation
Latex stays put. Your head on a latex pillow will have consistent support throughout the night and you won't feel your partner moving with a latex topper or mattress. This means fewer disturbances in the night. 

Sourcing - Fairly
Our latex specifically used to make the all-natural mattress brands we sell all come from tree farms in Sri Lanka that are FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council). 

For our all-organic latex mattresses, the latex is sourced from organically certified farms and processed in GOLS certified factories in India. This means only organic fertilizers can be used and workers are employed to fairtrade standards.

American Made
While Latex is not produced in America, your mattress is! We collaborate with only the best American mattress producers, who provide living wages to their employees. Our certified organic mattresses are produced in GOLS and GOTS certified facilities.


Natural wool is a timeless option for bedding. It’s actually been used for centuries. Our grandmothers knew the many benefits that wool provides, now you do too.

Why Is Wool Bedding So Great?

Wool is the most breathable filling material available, making it both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It actually helps to regulate your body temperature.

Wool is a natural material; something grown, not made in a lab. Your body knows the difference. Wool surpasses synthetic fill in terms of quality and durability.

Dust Mite Resistant
Wool is a great choice if dust mites bug you or if you’re allergic. Dust mites can't live in wool due to microscopic bristles on the wool fibers.

Anti-Microbial & Anti-Bacterial
Amazingly, wool resists bacteria. It’s actually both antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Naturally Fire Resistant
Wool is fire resistant, providing a safe sleeping environment. Wool does not catch on fire and actually acts as a natural fire retardant.

A Renewable Resource, From Sheep
Unlike bedding that uses plucked down feathers, a sheep grows a coat of wool annually and is not harmed during shearing (it’s like getting a haircut).

Supports Small Farms And Farmers
Wool is a sustainable product and helps small farmers make a living.

Sustainable And Lasting
With proper care, your woollen bedding can last for decades.

It Stays In Place In Your Bedding
Wool batting, being one continuous piece, stays in place in our products and is hand-tufted to further secure it. This is unlike down bedding which shifts over time and creates bare spots in a comforter.

Proper Mattress Support

Without proper support, a mattress can turn saggy and uncomfortable prematurely. Plus, if you don’t support a mattress properly it can void the warranty!

All of our mattresses need to be placed on a rigid, ventilated flat surface to accomplish 2 goals:
    • Support: All of the mattresses will need proper support. If the mattress is not properly supported you will experience sagging and possible structural damage to the mattress. Support the mattress so that it can support your body. Note: Failure to provide both adequate ventilation as well as proper support can render the warranty void.

    • Breathability: We recommend that all of our mattresses be placed on a breathable surface and not on a solid platform frame or on the floor. Solid frames are not ventilated and won’t provide enough airflow (unless you live in a very dry climate). This is why our bed frames and foundations feature slats in the design.

What NOT to do:

  • Don’t put your mattress on the floor.

  • No solid platform frames, mattresses need to breathe.

  • No spring frames for cribs. Frames with springs are not rigid enough to provide adequate support to the crib mattress.

Best Ways To Support Your Mattress:

#1: Slatted Wood Bed Frame

Slatted bed frames provide optimal support as well as airflow. When picking out a slatted frame be sure that it has the following specs:

  • Solid wooden slats consisting of 2.5” wide and spaced 1.5” apart provide the best support and optimize airflow. Slats spaced more than 1.5” apart may allow the sleeper to feel the spaces between the slats and render the warranty void.

  • Approx. 17 slats for Queen & King and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes.

  • Full - King sizes must have a rigid center support that runs head to foot and ideally 5 sturdy legs (3 minimum) touching the floor.

Our featured slatted wooden frame, The California Beauty Bedframe is made to specifically meet these support requirements and is made for all of our mattresses. Check out this small scale builder who uses selectively harvested wood and natural finishes.

#2: Metal Frames with Wood Foundations

Metal frames with the following specs can be used. You can also add a wood foundation (if it meets the specs below under “wood foundation”).

  • Use a frame that supports the head, foot and sides.

  • Full - King sizes must have a rigid center support and 5 legs (4 corners and 1 in middle).

  • Regularly check all bolts, screws, legs, and castors to make sure they haven’t loosened.

  • Place a wood foundation on top of the metal frame and then your natural mattress.

Adding Slats to a Metal Frame

Some customers will add slats directly to the metal frame and place the mattress right on top. That is fine as long as you follow all of the specifications outlined above for Slatted Frames.

Wood Foundation Specs

We offer a wood foundation in 2 heights to meet your mattress needs that is specifically designed to meet proper support criteria. This Foundation is intended for all latex & innerspring mattresses (not the All Wool Mattress). If you choose a wood foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics make sure it has at least 17 slats for Queen & King Sizes and 15 slats for Twin & Full sizes. Also note that using a foundation that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void.    

About Box Springs

We do not currently offer an organic box spring (though we have in the past). If you use a box spring remember that it will add some softness to your mattress as it is a spring coil unit which has some give. A box spring will need to be supported by a metal frame with a rigid center support for Full - King sizes.

Note: using a box spring that is not from Holy Lamb Organics will render the flammability test void. 

About Unfinished Wood: A Recommendation

If the wood on your bed frame is unfinished, we recommend placing a wool Moisture Barrier over the frame before placing the mattress. This will reduce wear on the mattress cover and impede the transfer of splinters.

Questions about proper support?

Please give our office a call 888-359-1362.

We would be happy to discuss your individual needs.

We, at Holy Lamb Organics, are pretty picky about our bedding, so when we were searching for natural and organic mattress sources, we really dove deep into the details to find the right fit for us, and ultimately for you and your family.

Our mattress partners offer fantastic finished products and warranties to back them up. Listed below are the details to assure you of quality, copies of comprehensive care instructions, the warranties themselves, plus additional info to help you understand what’s covered and what’s not.

We’ve done the research for you to find our best partners. We’ve got you covered.

Mattresses are a relatively large investment and warranties are in place to help the purchaser, manufacturer and the distributor to be clear about coverage, quality and long term benefits to be had from this investment.

Your care of the mattress you purchase may impact the warranty or even void it.

Make your best choice by reviewing the policies and the warranties prior to purchase.

Official Warranties

Spring & Latex Mattresses and Foundations Warranty (WJ Southard)
Latex Mattress and Foundations Warranty (Natural Sense)
Certified Organic Latex Mattresses (Soaring Heart)
Crib Size Spring & Latex Mattresses Warranty
All Wool Mattress Warranty

Official Care Instructions

Spring & Latex Mattresses and Foundations CARE (WJ Southard)
Certified Organic Latex Mattresses and Toppers (Soaring Heart)
All Wool Mattress Care Instructions

For crib sizes & Natural Sense mattresses please see the warranty for care instructions.

Exchanges & Returns

  • All mattress sales are FINAL unless one of the following applies. If you would like to return a mattress here are the options available:

            • Natural Sense mattresses have a 90 day Comfort Exchange Policy.
            • Lincklaen 10” Mattress by WJ Southard has a one year Comfort Adjustment Policy 
            • All Wool Mattress: return unused for a 15% restocking fee.
            • All other mattress sales are FINAL.
      • Used mattresses are never returnable.

      Proper Mattress Support: Know how to support your mattress properly and avoid voiding the warranty.

      If you have any questions regarding warranty information, our policies, or even your mattress, please give our office a call 888-359-1362.

      Certifications & Testing

      Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS

      The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

      All of our organic wool is certified organic to GOTS standards by Oregon Tilth, one of the most--if not the most--respected organic certification agencies in the world. 

      Raw materials holding GOTS certification:

      Cotton Fabric
      Wool Batting

      Global Organic Latex Standard

      All of our latex is certified organic and chemical free by the Global Organic Latex Standard, an organization that ensures all the latex, farming, and manufacturing processes meet strict global organic standards. GOLS is a globally recognized and respected certifier.

      Find Soaring Heart, our certified organic mattress manufacturer in Seattle WA on Control Union's site here.

      Our Certified Organic Latex Mattresses are GOLS certified.

       Consumer Product Safety Commission

      Every organic mattress, topper, and shikibuton has been tested by the CPSC and meets all federal, state, and Canadian flammability requirements without the use of any chemical or synthetic fire retardants. Our mattresses, toppers, and shikibutons meet all flammability performance criteria under CPSC Statutes 1632 and 1633.

      See our burn test results for our organic latex mattresses, organic latex toppers, and organic latex shikibutons here.



      Customer Reviews

      "The best mattress in the world!

      We bought this mattress in many sizes for our whole family over three years ago and I am still so thankful almost every night when I hop into bed! The novelty does not wear off. Whenever we go away one of the things we most happy to come to is our bed!
      I love that not only am I so amazingly comfortable, but I have complete trust that our mattress is safe and non-toxic and we are getting truly healthy sleep every night."
      Seattle, WA

      "I have been sleeping on Latex and cotton Shikibutons with a wool topper for years now, Love the layered combo, easy to move, easy to take outside on a sunny day. I recommend these mattresses to everyone."

      "We have only had our mattress for three months, so I can't speak to the long-term durability...however, I am very happy with our cal king mattress to this point. It is quite heavy, which makes flipping it a bit of a challenge. We do not have any type of topper on it, so it is firm (which we like). The mattress is pretty thick and doesn't show any signs of body indentations to this point."
      -Angela E
      Seattle, WA

      "Love it!
      We purchased this mattress after reading a good blog review on it. Our old organic spring mattress had gotten very uncomfortable.
      This latex mattress is extremely comfortable. It is nice and firm and we sleep very well on it. I would definitely recommend this mattress and this company to anyone."
      -Hedy M

      "I have my mattress paired with a [latex] Topper and I feel privileged to fall and wake up in a non-toxic, comfortable combination. The mattress is firm and supportive (if you're a side sleeper I recommend paring your mattress with a topper). My partner runs warm and since receiving our mattress in October both her and I can tell a noticeable cooler difference."
      -Katia H

      "Latex mattress is great, but really needs another layer of support
      The latex mattress is great, but for us, it is not the ideal sleeping surface by itself. I'm sure once we can afford a wool topper, it will be perfect. Right now it's just nice to know how clean our bedroom is, even if our actual sleep hasn't improved."
      -Jessie L




      Mattress & Sofa Lead Times & Shipping Locations

      All Wool Mattress

      2-4 weeks


      Spring Mattress

      5-7 weeks

      New York

      Latex Mattress

      5-7 weeks

      New York


      5-7 weeks

      New York

      Bed frames

      3-4 weeks


      Sofa, Loveseat & Armschairs 4-5 weeks Virginia

      • Shipping Notifications & Tracking: We will let you know when your order has shipped from the manufacturer. This email notification will include transit time estimates and delivery information. 
      • Mattress Shipping Costs: Please see our cost table for information.
      • Full Service Delivery: All sofas will be shipped using Full Service Delivery. All online orders for Spring and Latex Mattresses and Foundations will also be delivered with Full Service Delivery. This includes: delivery to the specific room desired, as well as unwrapped, set in place and shipping debris removed.


      • NO RETURNS on any unused mattresses except the All Wool Mattress, which has a 15% restocking fee. All other mattress are ALL SALES FINAL

      • For a complete list of our return policies regarding returns.


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      At Holy Lamb Organics, we make our sustainable natural bedding products with integrity...so everyone sleeps well at night. We stand by our materials, our handwork and our service. We promise to hold ourselves to the highest standards using local, sustainable, high quality natural bedding. Your excellent experience with us and complete satisfaction with our products is of utmost importance.

      Cross our hearts.

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      GOTS Certified Organic Wool

      GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Fabric

      GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

      Made by a trusted source for Holy Lamb Organics

      Love it! We purchased this mattress after reading a good blog review on it. Our old organic spring mattress had gotten very uncomfortable. This latex mattress is extremely comfortable. It is nice and firm and we sleep very well on it. I would definitely recommend this mattress and this company to anyone.

      Hedy M - Seattle, WA

      Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
      Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News