Holy Lamb Organics
About Us


100% Zero Waste Manufacturing

As part of our official mission all of our manufacturing by-products are reused, recycled, or composted. None of our raw materials ever go into a landfill.

Permaculture Principles

Our company is based upon Permaculture principles where there is no such thing as "waste".  Truly, as consumers, when we throw something away in the garbage, there is no actual "away". Not really. It is our mandate to use these “tiny resources” again.

ReKindle Program

This program employs local artists, uses our larger scrap products and creates whole new functional accessories, toys and even baby booties. Warm up to our ReKindle Program.

See What We Do With Our By-Products.


Other Thoughtful Manufacturing Practices

  • Fabric cut efficiently to minimize waste.

  • Donations to schools of our “tiny resources”.

  • No Plastic Packaging Policy (read more)

  • Recycled Papers & Supplies: We always choose recycled paper products and as green as possible printing and office supplies. We encourage our vendors to make green choices as well and lobby for recycled packaging whenever possible.

 Recycle Your Bedding

We highly encourage our customers to recycle or reuse their organic bedding when it has reached the end of its life cycle (many decades later). We provide suggestions on how you can recycle, reuse or compost your product at the end of its life cycle.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News