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Holy Lamb Organics

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Feedback from our customers

"I bought a wool mattress top and pillow and I've slept well ever since. It's been years since I had a full nights sleep and now I sleep every night, all night."
-Ellie S.
Shortsville, NY

“Please keep doing what you’re doing. I wish more businesses supported US workers/farmers and cared as much about quality and our environment as you do.”
Falls Church, VA

“I love all the products we have purchased from Holy Lamb Organics. We have purchased comforters,pillows and a mattress top from you and each one has been the highest quality and super comfortable. I feel like we all get a better nights sleep using Holy Lamb Products and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company.”
Buffalo, NY

“Just received the perfect comfort comforter and love it! Will be back for pillows! What's not to like about wool! Love your products and web page! I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy and impressed I am with my new bedding. I just purchased a deep sleep mattress pad, cool comfort comforter, and orthopedic pillow. I am so happy to finally be sleeping on chemical free, sustainable bedding from well treated animals. Also, it's made in AMERICA! Your company is a model for the way things should be done. I hope you never lose your wonderful morals."

“Thanks to you, it's even harder to get out of bed than usual.”
Sioux Falls, SD

“When I get into bed I feel like a lucky baby bird in the best nest ever.”
Walnut Creek, CA

“I like the fact that you are a small business that believes in your product... The sheep cut out that came with my pillow was a nice touch. It felt unique and homemade.”
Sebastopol, CA

“I appreciate you guys and how you're helping the local farming community and provide local jobs. I will definitely pass the word out to my friends who don't know about you.”
San Jose, CA

“Always impressed to still see products hand made and from truly organic materials.”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“I love the way in which I received my order. I loved the thoughtfulness and care in how it was packaged.”
Naugatuck, CT

“I researched organic wool companies online and found Holy Lamb to be the only one that is environmentally responsible and ethically responsible to the animals that are used and the products appeared well made.”
Glendale, CA

“I believe in supporting companies that are ethical and responsible to people and environment. This company was founded on great principles and is using sustainable principles in their work. I don't have to worry about chemicals or unfair labor practices when ordering from companies like this. Thank you for your commitment to the planet.”
Island Lake, IL

“I trust Holy Lamb Organics for my babies.”
Woodland Hills, CA

“As someone who lives with MCS, I appreciate that you run a chemical free environment, and that you take it a step further by having employees who honor that by not wearing fragrances or using any chemicals. This means that I get to use a product right away, without waiting for it to outgas. As long as this continues to be the policy, I will continue to order products and continue to recommend your company.”
Berthoud, CO

“Thank you for being out there for people with severe MCS and other situations that cannot handle commercial products even if we wanted to.”

“Great quality and well worth the cost.”
Portland, OR

I completely appreciate your commitment to employees, to their pay and benefits, and to the animals and the products you make. Thank you for being what I remember America to once have been -- a place where owners, workers, and customers benefit from healthful products and good workmanship."
Canyon, TX

“I was so impressed with the quality that I forwarded your information to a friend and I'm sure I'll buy more products in the future.”
Davis, CA

“I love the fact that your products are carefully made here in the US and that the sales support small farms. I also believe your products really do make our lives better.”
Nantucket, MA

“Thank you very much for staying in business for so long even in this tough economy. Thank you very much for allowing us to pick up our items in your store! We look forward to recommending you to friends and to buying more items from you.”
Seattle, WA

“I like your company philosophy/mission. I am a firm believer that both of our countries need to start manufacturing locally and creating sustainable products and communities. You have products, such as the body pillow and mattress topper that I have not found anywhere locally. The mattress topper will be a great way for me to live out the life of my conventional mattress (I loathe to take it to the dump before it's done) and get the benefits of sleeping on wool. It is my goal to have a 100% wool and organic cotton bed in the near future!”
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"As baby bear said, It is just right.”
Yelm, WA

“I am so happy that your company exists! I love that I can get wool products that are organic, washable, and made with care and love! Thank you so much!”
Oakland, CA

“Aside from the comfort and quality, I like knowing I am supporting an American company. I wouldn't order wool items from anyone else.”
Lawrenceville, NJ

"...I like knowing that it comes from a company with integrity and honest concern about the products we expose our bodies to."
Bradenton, FL

“The fact that it's toxin-free but the quality is amazing, and feels very luxurious.”
Tulsa, OK

"I loved everything! The sweet packaging, the quality and coziness of the items."


Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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