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Mattress Care


Protection Is Best

We highly recommend protecting your new investment with a Moisture Barrier or Puddle Pad. These are thick, felted layers of wool that lay flat on top of your mattress and secured in place by the fitted sheet. An excellent natural way to protect your mattress from the inevitable spills that happen in life!

Proper Support

We ask that you support your mattress, so it can support you. A proper bed frame helps avoid structural damage, prevents your bed from sagging and is essential for the longevity of your organic mattress. The mattress needs to be placed on a rigid, ventilated, flat surface. See proper mattress support guidelines.

Foundations For Spring & Latex Mattresses

It is not necessary to use a foundation unless the bedframe you are choosing needs a foundation for either support or height. In that case, we highly recommend you purchase a new foundation from us- one that complies with the proper support specs. However, you may use a different foundation with the following disclosures:  

    • our organic mattresses are compliant with federal flammability laws. (And, we don’t use any chemicals, just wool.) But, organic mattresses and foundations are tested together. Mixing and matching our mattress with another foundation or box spring will render the flammability tests void.

    • placing our mattress on a different foundation without proper support may void the warranty.

    • We do not recommend a foundation with an All Wool Mattress.

Care for Latex & Spring Mattresses

    FLIP & ROTATE: Like all good mattress care instructions suggest, you will want to flip and rotate your mattress to prolong the overall life of it. Use the instructions provided with your mattress.

      Care for the All Wool Mattress

      • BREAK IN PERIOD: Each wool mattress is carefully compressed by hand when it is created, but be aware that a mattress will compress an additional 10-15% during the first 3-6 months of use. This is a completely natural process; it does not decrease any of the positive qualities of sleeping on wool bedding. In order to avoid creating "dips" where you sleep, a few simple steps can be taken:

            • Flip and rotate your new bedding frequently during this period (first 3-6 months).

            • Sleep on all parts of your bed. An occasional nap in the center of the bed will help to avoid creating a "hump" where no one usually sleeps.

      Complete care instructions will be provided with your mattress purchase.

      Mattress Refurbishing

      If an accident damages your wool mattress or if it simply needs a fresh layer of wool, we can help put you in contact with the manufacturer to have it refurbished. Please Contact Us for the details.

      Additional Tips

      • Try vacuuming your mattress if it needs additional cleaning or freshening.

      • Humid Climates: If you live in a humid climate you may want to take additional steps to make sure your bedding stays fresh.

            • Use a dehumidifier, place items out in the sun frequently, fold toppers & mattresses in half alternating sides to allow additional airflow, vacuum your mattress to pull air through the fibers.

            • While wool is resistant to mold and mildews you still want to take extra steps to reduce moisture in your bedding.

      Unmake Your Bed

      One of the best things you can do is unmake your bed in the morning for a few hours, allowing the moisture you gave off during the night to evaporate from the wool bedding.

      Protection Is Key

      Protect your wool bedding by placing it inside an appropriate cotton cover that can be washed regularly and act as a barrier for your bedding during everyday use.

        For mattresses, use a Moisture Barrier and then a fitted sheet. If you have topper as well, place the Moisture Barrier over the topper.

          In case of spills & accidents

          1. Gently spot clean the affected area.

          2. You can also treat the problem area with live cultured enzymes which eliminate odors. (i.e. Biokleen makes a product called Bac Out.) These enzyme products can be found at your local health food store/ co-op.
          Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
          Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News