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It’s not about what we say - it’s about what you say. Straight talk from our customers:


"Your product and customer service exceeded my expectations. I am sure it is a much better quality comforter for about a third less than I would have had to pay elsewhere. I'd like to see you offer other organic cotton and wool items (i.e. baby clothing, adult clothing, etc). Thanks again. My husband and I really LOVE our comforter!!! The pillows are great too!"

-Christine C.
Wichita, Kansas                                                                                               


"I bought a wool mattress top and pillow and I've slept well ever since. It's been years since I had a full nights sleep and now I sleep every night, all night."
-Ellie S.
Shortsville, New York       

“Please keep doing what you’re doing. I wish more businesses supported US workers/farmers and cared as much about quality and our environment as you do. I really hope you’re able to keep it up until my husband and I need to replace our feather comforter. You’ll be the first place we look, because we like the Holy Lamb Wool Comforter we bought for our son.”
Falls Church, VA

“I love all the products we have purchased from Holy Lamb Organics. We have purchased comforters,pillows and a mattress top from you and each one has been the highest quality and super comfortable. I feel like we all get a better nights sleep using Holy Lamb Products and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company.”
Buffalo, NY

“Just received the perfect comfort comforter and love it!  Will be back for pillows!  What's not to like about wool!  Love your products and web page! I just wanted to let you know how incredibly happy and impressed I am with my new bedding. I just purchased a deep sleep mattress pad, cool comfort comforter, and orthopedic pillow.  I am so happy to finally be sleeping on chemical free, sustainable bedding from well treated animals. Also, it's made in AMERICA! I have been saving for this stuff forever because I am in college and live on very little, but I have been trying to live a chemical free life as much as possible and refuse to spend my hard earned money on things that will harm me, the environment and our crumbling economy. Your company is a model for the way things should be done. I hope you never lose your wonderful morals.
- Kelly

“Thanks to you, it's even harder to get out of bed than usual. The "wooly down" pillow is nice too.”

Sioux Falls, SD

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News