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About Us


At Holy Lamb Organics, we are a small manufacturing company dedicated to creating exceptional natural bedding products. We make it by hand, locally, in a small rural town near Olympia, WA in the historic "Little Bit" General Store built in 1902 which served the Oakville community for over 85 years. We have been in business since 2000. Our bedding line is featured in over 80 stores across the USA and Canada and we currently employ approx 17-25 people at any given time.

Our specialty is using only organic cotton fabrics and local Premium Eco-Wool™, paired with our Zero-Waste manufacturing and sustainability practices in every step to bring you the very best.

Value-Based Company

Our business foundation is rooted in sustainable choices for everyone involved. We’ve considered each step in our manufacturing process and have minimized our eco footprint right from the start.

In business since 2000, our eco footprint is actually still shrinking. Why? We’re continually measuring and striving to make it smaller applying Permaculture principles to everything we do. “The proof is in the pudding,” they say. Well, here’s a top level look at what’s in our pudding:

Sustainable Practices in Every Step

How we make our natural bedding is equally as important as what we make. Every aspect of how we do business, what we make and how we make it has gone through careful consideration and conscious choice-making.

  • Permaculture principles applied through every fabric of this company.
  • Raw materials sourced from credible & high quality mills
  • Careful consideration of all vendors we work with
  • Pledged to using only natural, local materials
  • Commitment to manufacturing in the USA
  • Vigilant to our Zero Waste philosophy
  • Promise to our employees: creating a outstanding work environment

100% Zero Waste of Our Manufacturing By-Products:

We reuse, recycle, or compost ALL materials used in production. None of our raw materials ever go into a landfill. Scraps and policies include:

  • ReKindle Program: Up-cycling small pieces of fabric and wool into useful products. See all of our ReKindle Products.
  • Free Bin to giveaway or donate to schools for their creative projects.
  • Our tiniest fabric bits and threads are composted or mulched.
  • Plastic Free Plastic Packaging policy
  • Cradle to Grave Practices: We create bedding that is does no harm. You may return your bedding to the earth by recycling or re-purposing it, doing no harm to the land, animals or people who live here.
  • Learn more about our Zero Waste Policies.

The Highest Quality Natural Materials

We’re a small company that ONLY offers a line of natural bedding. (We’re NOT a big company that offers a line of green bedding.) We use only:

Chemical & Scent-Free Facility:

We guarantee that our facility is a dedicated scent-free environment. A good percentage of customers count on us to deliver scent-free products. Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a concern for many of our customers and employees.

  • Our employees come to work using only natural and scent-free products.
  • All of our cleaning products are guaranteed natural & safe.
  • We ask our customers when visiting our showroom to be scent-free.

Green Building Practices:

We use natural building products, FSC lumber, and salvaged building materials for renovations to our manufacturing facility.

  • In 2009, our building was insulated for the first time, and it was built in 1902!
  • We chose a green insulation product called Aircrete for insulating the walls instead of fiberglass. It’s made of natural materials so benign you can eat it!
  • Salvaged building materials are purchased from local reused building materials stores in our community.
  • Sustainably harvested lumber is sourced locally, particularly from a leading forest steward Wild Thyme Farm an FSC™ (a certified sustainable permaculture tree farm with a 150 acre immaculate forest).
  • Our woodwork is finished with non-toxic products.
  • Recently installed efficient LED bulbs for all of our lighting.

What We DON’T DO:

No counting sheep! For any of us … We need to be able to sleep at night, too! This means:

  • No synthetics
  • No conventionally grown cotton
  • No chemicals or fire retardants
  • No carbonization of wool
  • No bleaching of wool
  • No sheep dipping

Excellent Customer Service:

Providing excellent customer service is at the heart of what we do and built into our formal mission statement. It includes:

  • Dedicated phone support
  • Showroom open to public
  • Extensive training and education of our reps
  • Prompt order confirmations & tracking info
  • On time shipping: most of our orders ship within 1-5 days. Pretty good for products made by hand.
  • Custom support & solutions

Employee Practices & Benefits:

Holy Lamb Organics provides 15 green jobs in a rural town of 700 people and very few businesses. We’re committed to:

  • Manufacturing in the USA, not outsourcing
  • Offering competitive living wages
  • Employing a rare profit sharing program
  • Offering health care benefits
  • Giving paid vacation & sick leave
  • Generous employee discount
  • Using the Green Commuting Program
  • Community organic garden for lunchtime snacks

This Is What You Support When You Make A Purchase.

From the Owner...

There are many more practices that we employ every single day to make the world a better place. We’re hopeful you have an idea of who we are, what we are up to, where we are heading..and that you’ll want to join us.

Thank you for considering Holy Lamb Organics. We’re here to provide you with exceptional customer service and high quality handmade natural bedding. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

– Willow Whitton, Owner

Company Mission...

To promote health and well-being, and to strengthen an economy based on ecology through manufacturing a line of high quality, all-natural, made in the USA organic bedding products produced using sustainable and ecological practices.

Holy Lamb Organics specializes in using only organic cotton fabrics and sustainable USA wool from the Western Regions. We are proud to be a zero waste company (reusing/recycling all of our production by-products) and are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality products.

Our Staff

Willow Whitton

Long before I became a mother, my business practices developed from a keen sense of responsibility...plus, I’ve always been really big fan of our planet.

One question drives me: How will our business benefit both people and our planet?

Part of the fun is part of the plan: find quality sustainable local producers in the USA and create fantastic bedding for your family. It’s an amazing game, and I feel blessed to play it for us everyday.

Production Managers
& Customer Service Manager

Susie, Sarah, and Mitch

Handmade & Local

Before our comforters, toppers and pillows are sewn, stuffed and stitched, the raw materials must be precisely measured and cut according to specific instructions. Having the right start snowballs into a smooth process and a fantastic piece of natural bedding. The stitching, stuffing, tufting and finish work are completed and each piece is inspected for quality in craftsmanship.

Speaking of quality

Throughout the whole creation of your bedding, each person on our team is invested in making a great product. All team members have the responsibility to check the quality before it goes on to the next step and the next person.

We have an incredible production team of happy people making happy products. Every day.

Production Team Members

Top Left: Zoe, Rose, Alexandria, Susie, Lauren
Middle Left: Zowie, Rebecca, Jesse, Parker, Kim, Yeva
Bottom Left: Sarah, Kendra, Rhona

Poised to create your products, this dedicated team measures and makes each piece, nearly to order. Our skilled crafters lovingly handmake our beautiful bedding.

Customer Service and Order Fulfillment

Top Left: Steven, Lisa, Kallie, Amy
Bottom Left: Mitch, Shirley, Ann, Amber

These are the names, faces and hearts behind the phone calls and emails with you. When you need help, education, quotes, personalized service, these are the people who are on the other side with the resources, knowledge and high service standards to serve you.

Excellent customer service is part of our heartbeat, our mission, at Holy Lamb Organics. Conversations are unscripted and each person has the freedom to listen and serve in order to get you the information you need.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News