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Holy Lamb Organics

Massage Table Fleece

Soft lambswool fleece woven into a smooth natural cotton backing. 


Massage Table Pad
Headrest Cover

Wool Type

Premium Eco-Wool

$ 30.00

Our Happy Lamb Fleece creates a blissful environment for massage work. Premium Eco-Wool is woven into a backing of 100% organic cotton knit. The result is a plush, flexible fleece that has the look and feel of sheepskin without the stiffness, weight, or chemicals of the tanned hide.

The massage table pad measures 26" x 75". Simply place on the massage table and cover with a sheet. Note, dimensions of the Massage Table Pad are the same as the Travel Mat.

We also offer a massage table headrest cover which includes two wide elastic straps to secure it to the table headrest.

Not sure? Order A Sample.

Product Care

Happy Lamb undergoes a natural felting process within the first 6-8 months of consistent use, during which time the fleece takes on a slightly matted appearance. It’s also normal for some of the wool fibers to shed during this break-in process; this fiber loss will decrease once the felting occurs. To keep your Happy Lamb looking and feeling its best, we recommend spot cleaning and sunning. Place a sheet atop your fleece products for added protection. After the initial break-in period, Happy Lamb Fleece can be machine washed follow our detailed care instructions. Do not machine dry.

Natural Wool

Natural Cotton fabric

Machine Washable-gentle with special instructions

Handmade in Oakville, WA USA by Holy Lamb Organics

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“Because of the mattress topper, my bed is very cozy, soft, and snuggly. Thank you for your high quality products.”

Gretchen - Morton, WA

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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