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Add a layer of all-natural fluffy wool for a comfy ride when out for a walk.Exceptionally cushiony and soft, Happy Lamb Fleece is a wonderful alternative to traditional sheepskin. Premium Eco-Wool is woven into a backing of 100% organic cotton knit. The result is a plush, flexible fleece that has the look and feel of sheepskin without the stiffness, weight, or chemicals of the tanned hide. With a pair of scissors and a few snips, you can customize this fleece to fit your stroller. Lay the fleece in the seat and cut a slit where each of the straps exits the support. Trim the edge to match the contours of your seat, pull off excess fluff, and you're done. Happy Lamb Fleece is not recommended for use as a car seat liner. Refer to your car seat manufacturer's safety guidelines. 

  • 18" x 33" (same size as our Bassinet Fleece)
  • Fleece fabric is 33 oz. per square yard
  • Approximately 1" deep

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Your Baby and Wool


Happy Lamb undergoes a natural felting process within the first 6-8 months of consistent use, during which time the fleece takes on a slightly matted appearance. Spot clean and sun during this time to refresh. After the initial break-in period, Happy Lamb Fleece can be machine washed in cold water. Manually set to soak and spin cycles only. Do not use the wash cycle, which agitates and can ruin your Happy Lamb. For stained items, add a dose of live cultured enzymes (try Bac-Out by Biokleen) during soak. Drape in the sun or warm place to dry. Do not wring or machine dry.

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Extreme quality!

I have several other brands of wool fleeces, and after this one, I will always buy from Holy Lamb Organics! This stroller fleece is a nice size, larger than any other fleece I have. It’s also stitched to a cotton backing and not glued. No chemicals in the processing of the wool. I called the company with my concerns before I purchased and they are very knowledgeable about every step of their woolen fleeces. The quality is evident at the unpacking of a fleece from HLO. I am very satisfied and will be a life long customer!