How to Choose a Mattress Topper

February 24, 2019 2 min read

Which topper is right for me?

That decision depends on your answer to another question – Why do you want a topper? If your aim is to create a more natural sleeping environment, all our toppers fit the bill. Or maybe you're looking to add a little softness to an existing mattress. Want breathability for a cooler sleep environment? Whatever you're searching for, we can guide you to the perfect choice.

    For maximum cushiony softness, consider a wool & latex topper. The core of pure Dunlop latex is a dense, open cell foam that provides soft comfort in a breathable sleep surface. And natural latex retains its shape well and is more long-lasting than conventional memory foam. Wrapped in a thick layer of all-natural wool, the end product is super comfy, healthy, and durable. 

      Looking for the optimum combination of cushion and breathability? Choose the Ultimate version of our signature quilted wool topper. Our best seller, 2.5-3” of wool make this option ideal for those wanting the feel of a plush pillow top. Layers of wool batting are hand tufted inside an organic cotton sateen shell. This quilted topper is packed with all the benefits of wool - naturally fire retardant, antibacterial and antimicrobial, dust mite resistant, and temperature regulating. If you want all the goodness of an all-wool quilted topper, but not so much cushion, choose the Deep Sleep. 1.5 - 2" thick, the Deep Sleep is a lower profile version of the Ultimate with all the same benefits. 

      Last but far from least, Happy Lamb Fleece is an exceptional, lightweight topper option that easily transforms your mattress into a cloud-soft, never-want-to-get-out-of-bed sleep surface. Cozy, breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer (as with all our wool bedding), and easy to care for. Happy Lamb is also a good option for those seeking pressure point relief for a more restful night's sleep and comfortable wakening.

        Try us out

        If you're in our local area, stop by an HLO showroom and experience firsthand the benefits and feel of our topper options. Live elsewhere? There may be an HLO retail partner near you who would be happy to demonstrate our toppers as well as our many other products.

        If coming in to a brick-and-mortar location isn't an option, our Mattress Topper Sample Kit allows you to compare our Ultimate and Deep Sleep quilted topper options. You can also order a sample of Happy Lamb Fleece.

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