How to Choose a Mattress

May 15, 2019 2 min read

How to Choose a Mattress

All our options are created from untreated, eco-friendly, breathable materials that regulate body temperature and promote overall health and restful sleep. They’re all handmade in the USA and have passed federally mandated flammability tests using only chemical-free wool as a fire barrier. And they’re all warrantied for at least 20 years. So when it’s time to choose, it really comes down to your individual needs and sleep preference.

Wool & Latex

Wool and latex go together like herbal tea and a good book. This hybrid provides double the comfort and wellness benefits. The mattress is constructed using a core of sustainably harvested Dunlop latex, an all-natural product derived from the rubber tree. The core has an open-cell structure; it’s what makes latex breathable and not too hot to sleep on (a common complaint with conventional synthetic memory foams). Wrapping the core in a layer of wool means you get all the wonders of wool, including its inherent moisture-wicking properties and superior flame retardance. The result is a sleep surface that provides consistent support, has great motion separation (you won't be disturbed when your partner starts to toss and turn), and is more durable than memory foam. The low-profile Shikibuton style, at 3” thick, provides a firm feel. The 6.5” option, with more cushioning material between you and the bed frame, provides a softer yet still supportive surface.

All Wool

Nothing but wool, inside and out. This is a very firm mattress, with layers of wool batting tightly tufted inside a wool encasement. Breathable, dust-mite resistant, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, naturally fire resistant, and sustainably sourced. Pure natural goodness in a durable package.



Perhaps the most recognizable style, the traditional innerspring mattress has a familiar, bouncy feel. While it looks familiar, the version we offer is a cut above the ordinary. Recycled steel coils are topped with organic cotton batting and a layer of all-natural, fire-retardant wool, all surrounded by an organic cotton encasement. No glue or chemicals. The basic innerspring mattress has a firm feel, while the pillow top style (the top is removable) has a medium feel—not too firm, not too soft.

Topping it Off

Whichever style of mattress choose, you’ll always have the option of adjusting your sleep system as your needs and preferences change. A latex or quilted wool topper allow you to fine tune for that just-right good night’s sleep. A latex topper is especially versatile—you can place it under an all-wool mattress to soften up the firm feel.

The More You Know

A few more things to consider. All our mattress options require a breathable surface and adequate support. Slatted bed frames are ideal. We advise against placing your bed on the floor or a solid platform with no ventilation. For kids and lighter weight individuals, a thinner mattress will work well. Heavier and taller people may want to opt for a thicker mattress and softer feel. And while all our mattresses come with at least a 20-year warranty, it’s wise to consider replacing your mattress sooner if it’s no longer meeting your comfort needs.

Whatever you choose, we’re confident you’ll be experiencing years of restful, restorative sleep.

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