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Recycle Your Wool Bedding

DON'T THROW IT AWAY: 9 ways to recycle your natural bedding

Many decades down the road (we’ve heard of up to 5), your Holy Lamb Organics natural bedding will begin to deteriorate back to the earth. We build our bedding this way and encourage you to recycle yours rather than throw it in a landfill. Even when your bedding is ready to retire, it still has many wonderful uses.

Here are some great alternatives to throwing your organic bedding into the landfill: 

Recycling Fabric (i.e. sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers....)

1. Cut into scrap pieces and incorporate into a patchwork quilt.

2. Make curtains.

3. Rip fabric into small shreds and throw it into a long term compost.

4. Use the fabric for a costume. Experiment with natural dyes to alter the colors.

5. Use as a paint drop-cloth

Recycling Wool & Fabric Products (I.E Comforters, and Pillows.)

6. For Pet Beds: Cats and dogs have an intuitive sense that wool bedding is the perfect resting spot, plus it probably smells like their favorite people: you and your family!

  • Comforters or mattress tops: fold it in half and then in half again then sew up the edges. This will make a perfect dog bed.

  • Pillows: do nothing, it’s already a perfect size cat or small dog bed. For a body pillow, just cut in half and sew up the loose edges.

7. Mulch it. Do you have an area in your landscape that you need to start over? Many people use black plastic or a landscape "fabric" mesh to put on top of problematic weeds. Instead of putting these plastics in the ground that will eventually pollute your landscape, try laying down a comforter or mattress top and just mulch it! (more details here)

8. For Felted Items:  If, sadly, your comforter or topper was felted through machine agitation, try taking off the fabric cover and cutting up the felted wool into smaller pieces, and use them as bath mats, seat cushions, car cushions or pet beds. Or get crafty: felted wools is perfect for doll-making, bags and art projects of all kinds.

9: Insulation:  If you are doing construction, remodeling, or just have "leaky" areas in your attic or garage, use the wool to plug the "leaks". If wool helped you stay warm when it was your bedding, the life cycle of these matured materials can be extended by utilizing the wool as insulation.


Did we miss an idea? How have you recycled your ready-to-retire organic bedding?

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News