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How to Choose a Comforter

Which comforter is right for me?

Your own body temperature is a big determining factor. Do you tend to run hot or cold, generally? While sleeping, are you prone to overheat or get chilled during the night? Whether you sleep alone or with a partner also makes a difference – two sleep warmer than one. Do you keep your house on the cool side? Think about the bedding you’re currently using. Do you want the simplicity of a comforter alone, or do you like to include a blanket or two in the mix? Whatever your needs, we have a comforter that will work for you.

Cool Comfort – Our lightest weight. When used on its own, the Cool Comfort is best suited for the person who tends to run warm in body temperature or lives in a hot climate. If you live in a region with mild winters, this is also a great choice to use in combination with your favorite blankets for that extra dose of warmth.

Perfect Comfort – Our most popular option. The Perfect Comfort is ideal for year-round sleeping in moderate climates. Not too light, not too heavy, it’s also just right for partner sleeping. And when those cold winter nights come around, just toss on an extra blanket and you’ll be comfy cozy.

Extra Warmth – If you tend to run a little cold or get chilled easily, our heaviest option will ensure a toasty night’s sleep. If you keep your house cool, sleep by yourself or just like the weight of a lot of covers, this is the comforter for you.

Need a little more versatility?

All Season – Want a lightweight comforter when the weather is mild but need an additional layer of warmth as the temperature drops? Our All Season is a great two-in-one option. We build two comforters, each slightly lighter than our Cool Comfort weight, and incorporate soft velour ties around the perimeter. Stack and tie them together for maximum warmth as the weather cools. Untie them as the seasons change, and you have two lightweight comforters that are just right for sleeping on those warm summer and fall nights.

Dual Weight – Do you run at one temperature and your partner runs at another? No problem. Our Dual Weight comes in three combos, and one is bound to work for you.  Combo One offers the broadest range, from the lightweight Cool Comfort to the substantial Extra Warmth. If you’re always piling on the blankets while your partner’s kicking them off, this is the one for you. Combos Two and Three are great middle-of-the-road options. One side is Perfect Comfort, our medium-weight option, and you have your choice of Cool Comfort or Extra Warmth on the other side.

Still on the fence? Go with the lighter weight. You can always add additional blankets, but a too-warm comforter is a challenge to modify.

Try us out

We’ve stitched up small samples of all three comforter weights so you can see, touch and feel the options. Our Comforter Sample Kit is a great way to ensure you’re making an informed choice. The $20 price of the kit can be discounted from whichever comforter you ultimately order.  


Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News