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Which Mattress Is Right For You?

First off, rest assured that none of our mattresses have fire retardant chemicals. Plus, all of our mattresses are made of natural materials and are designed to provide proper back support regardless of their firmness ratings. Whether you like a soft, medium, or firm mattress, the kind of support in the feel of a mattress is the one that’s right for you.

It can certainly be a challenge to purchase a mattress that you’ve never laid on before. The best thing to do is to come into our showroom and try them out. If that isn’t possible, we’ve got a few things to consider, then review the manufacturers’ suggested firmness ratings.

Things To Consider

  • The majority of the population prefers a medium feel. We sell far more “mediums”  than anything else. In general, the heavier the person the thicker the mattress as well as a softer feel. For children and lightweight people, a thinner and firmer mattress will work just fine.

  • A mattress on a platform frame or a wood foundation will be firmer than on a box spring. Thus adding a box spring will soften a mattress.

  • If you’re not able to visit our showroom, try ordering a firmer mattress that you can “soften up” with a topper, if needed, once you’ve slept on it for a while.

  • It may be more expensive to order in 2 shipments, but it may prevent a costly return if you don't like it in the end.

Mattress Comparison Chart

This spreadsheet outlines all of our mattresses and allows you to compare prices, materials, firmness ratings and warranties.

 Read more about the main differences between each type of mattress


Main Attributes: Just one simple ingredient wool, it is durable, the most breathable, the most hand made, known for soothing ailments and great for pressure point relief. Great motion separation (can’t feel other person moving in bed).

Firmness Level or Feel: The all wool mattress is fairly thin and is considered a Firm Mattress. Try a layering system of toppers on this mattress to adjust the firmness, by adding a wool or latex topper to the top or the bottom of the mattress.


Main Attributes: The Dunlop latex core is most similar to a foam mattress. It retains it’s shape better than foam due to “push back” meaning the latex responds instantaneously when pressure is removed thus returning immediately to it’s original shape, whereas Tempurpedic type mattresses take more time to respond.

Why is this important? You get constant and full support the second you move or shift while sleeping. This also has great motion separation, so you won’t be disturbed by another person’s movements in bed.

Dunlop Latex is made from the Rubber tree and has an open cell structure, so it allows air to flow freely through it. This is what makes it breathable and not too hot to sleep on (a common complaint with other memory foams).

Firmness Level or Feel:

  • The 7” Cazenovian in a Medium Firm (30-35 ILD). This firmness level suits most people.

  • For more choices try the 10” Lincklaen in the following firmness levels:

    • Medium (base 30-35 ILD, pillow top 20-25 ILD)

    • Firm (base 36-42 ILD, pillow top 20-25 ILD)

    • Dual choose a different feel for each side, Queen and King sizes only.

    • Comfort Adjustment Policy:  Holy Lamb Organic offers our customers a one time comfort adjustment layer swap. Restrictions Apply Read more.


Main Attributes: This type of mattress is traditional and familiar in its bouncy feel. It’s also the most common on the market. Consider our Tight Top as a cost effective option for a natural mattress.

Firmness Level or Feel: Choose from the 8” Tight Top a Firm mattress or soften it up with the 12” Pillow Top Mattress featuring a removable pillow top for a Medium feel that is not too firm yet not too soft. Just right.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News