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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I purchase an organic mattress from Holy Lamb Organics? What makes your mattresses a cut above the rest?

Natural Materials: Our mattresses are made of entirely 100% natural materials. There are no synthetic materials or chemicals in our mattresses. Natural materials are very important for your body’s health. All of our mattresses are either covered with wool or made of wool which has been shown by 2 studies to significantly lower your heart rate. Overall natural materials let your body breathe, allow you a more restful deep sleep and promotes overall health and good sleep.

Fire Retardant Naturally: All mattresses by law are required to be fire retardant. Mattress manufacturers use fire retardant chemicals to achieve this end. Amazingly, wool is a natural fire retardant. Therefore, all of our mattresses because they are either made of wool entirely or are wrapped with wool are naturally fire retardant. All of our mattresses and toppers have been tested and have passed the CFR 1632 Flammability Tests.

USA Made: All of our mattresses are made in the USA, promoting local manufacturing jobs and strengthening our economy. While some of the raw material components may come from different countries, the mattresses themselves are assembled in the following locations:

  • All Wool Mattress (Montague, CA),
  • Latex Mattresses (San Francisco, CA or Syracuse, NY)
  • Crib Mattresses (Los Angeles)
  • Bed Frame (Montague, CA)

High Quality Manufacturers: We have handpicked the best manufacturers the organic mattress industry has to offer, choosing vendors that have a similar philosophy, quality of materials, and quality of finished product as we at Holy Lamb Organics do.

What type of mattress do you recommend for babies & children?

Recommended for Babies & Toddlers:

Newborn infants need a firm mattress (as required by law) for safety reasons, therefore crib mattresses only come in Firm. All of our mattresses meet all of the federal safety laws regarding crib mattress manufacturing.

We offer 3 different mattress options for the crib: Latex, Innerspring, and All Wool Mattress. Again, each of these are suitable for your baby. Personal preference in materials might be what makes your choice. All of them will be a comfortable and safe choice for your most precious little one.

Recommended for Children:

All of our mattresses are suitable for children. We offer our 3 basic mattresses in Latex, Innerspring, and All Wool Mattress.

Since children most likely resemble their parents in stature, get a mattress that will grow with them.

Children under 12 are usually not heavy enough to need a specific firmness preference. Mattresses with pillow tops are not necessary for children who are still growing and are lightweight. If a bed needs softening as they grow a topper can be added.

As far as choosing the right Firmness Level, overall, we recommend a mattress that feels comfortable to the parents, as it is most likely that the parents will be spending time in the child's bed for a while while they are young! As a general rule of thumb a latex mattress in a medium (31 or 36 ILD) will be great for a child. Neither too soft nor too firm.

Which mattress do you recommend for an adjustable frame?

Our latex mattresses are the only mattresses we would recommend for an adjustable frame. The only caveat is that the latex may shift and may need re-adjusting. In that case it is probably better to stick to the thinner Latex 7”. Some buckling where it is folded may occur.

We carry an adjustable frame called Ergomotion Series 400. This is a remote control operated unit. In the case of an Eastern King, the frame is split into 2 Twin Extra Long frames that adjust separately and are locked together so they don't separate. This is not advertised on our website. Please give us a call for more information or to place an order.

Some customers have used the All Wool Mattress on an adjustable frame, but we have not heard back yet as to whether the mattress slips or shifts so are not able to officially recommend this option.

Which mattress do you recommend for Fibromyalgia?

People with this condition need a very soft bed with soft top layers because pain and pressure points are such an issue. We recommend a Latex Mattress with Soft 25 ILD top layers and soft middle layer/bottom layer such as 28 ILD. For ultimate comfort, place a Happy Lamb Fleece topper on top of the mattress. These fleece’s have a reputation for soothing pressure points and being of help in cases of Fibromyalgia.

Does my body weight determine what type of mattress I need?

Body weight can determine the thickness of a mattress. For example, the more body weight the more mattress one might need in terms of mattress height. If you are preparing the bed for a smaller person, a mattress height under 8” will be just fine. If you are a person of larger stature, then we recommend a mattress height around 10”. Those who consider themselves on the extra large side may want to consider a mattress plus topper combination that is over 10”.

Keep in mind that total mattress height can be achieved with the mattress plus additional toppers. For example, a 10” Latex Mattress plus a 4” Latex Topper would give you a total mattress height of 14”

Weight is also a factor in terms of which Firmness level to choose. In general, the more body weight one has the softer the mattress one tends to like.

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