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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your bedding made?

We hand make our natural bedding in Oakville, Washington, a small town in the Pacific Northwest close to the capital city Olympia. Our manufacturing facility is housed in the “Little Bit General Store” which served the Oakville community for over 80 years and was built in 1902.

Why is your showroom and manufacturing facility scent-free?

There are many businesses these days that have a scent-free policy in place. For Holy Lamb Organics, we have this policy to ensure that our products shipped out do not have any scents on them and are guaranteed to be scent-free. We have an open manufacturing facility and showroom. Thus, when you are in our showroom you can see our products being made right there on site. We hope that you will understand our needs in this matter.

Do you manufacture mattresses?

We do not make the mattresses in-house, but have sourced several top of the line organic mattress manufacturers to offer you the very best organic mattresses.

We searched and screened companies at length until we felt comfortable working with a select few manufacturers who have just as strict environmental and sustainability standards as we do here at Holy Lamb Organics for the products that we manufacture.

You can feel assured that these mattresses are made in the USA, use only the finest materials whether it be recycled steel, organic cotton, Eco-Wool™ and natural Dunlop latex.

We offer a classic organic innerspring mattress, a line of Dunlop latex mattresses and an all wool mattress. Available in crib to king sizes. Please visit our mattress page for more information.

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. If you need custom sizing or would like us to manufacture a specific product please contact us. We may be able to help.

Here are some of our regular custom requests: extra thick mattress toppers, custom comforter sizes, custom bassinet sizes, custom body pillows, custom wool cushions, etc...

Contact Us with the a description and dimensions. We will let you know if it is possible and give you a quote.

A few things to know about custom orders:

  • allowable dimensions are within 1” in either direction of the ordered dimensions
  • there are no changes or order cancellations once order is placed, and
  • custom items are non-returnable
  • please allow additional lead time for custom items.

For Mattresses Specifically:

  • The All Wool Mattress can be ordered in custom sizes. Please email the desired sizes and we will get back to you with a quote and lead time.
  • At this time, Spring & Latex mattresses are not available for custom sizing.

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