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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there chemicals in any of your products?

No way!

Our wool has no chemicals added nor has it gone through any chemical treatments.

Our fabrics have no added chemicals nor have they gone through any chemical process.

Our mattresses do not have any flame retardant chemicals added to them as required by law because they are naturally flame retardant and pass all of the fire tests.

Our facility is also a chemical and fragrance-free environment.

Does the fabric have any type of sizing or chemical finish on it?

No way, there is no chemical sizing or finish used on any of our fabrics. This is in contrast to the harsh chemicals used in finishing conventional fabric that you would find, for example, on textiles in a fabric store.

Is your wool carbonized, chlorinated, or bleached?

Our wool is never carbonized. Read more about the carbonization process.[a]

Our wool is never chlorinated. Chlorine treated wool is what makes wool washable. Ever wonder why you can wash your new wool socks or base layer wool shirt but not your favorite wool sweater? The chlorine process eliminates the microscopic burrs that allows wool to felt. It is very handy for washing, but some people who are sensitive may react to any residue that is on the fabric. Patagonia has an interesting article on this topic.

Some wool bedding companies do offer “washable” wool comforters. These types of wool that are considered “washable” in a regular machine use chlorinated wool batting. Because we use non-chlorinated wool batting, we provide specific washing instructions to enable washing of our wool bedding.

Are any of your fabrics mercerized or treated with any chemicals?

No, our fabric has not been mercerized nor treated with any chemicals. It also does not have any finish on it whatsoever.

Do your raw materials have certifications?

All raw materials are required to have certifications. The certifications verify the following:

  • what the materials are
  • that the materials are all new materials
  • the country of origin they originate from
  • the mill processing them and
  • if they are organic materials, there will be a 100% certified organic certificate to prove that as well.

Certifications are at the heart of a manufacturer. We believe in being 100% transparent so we have posted these certifications for all to view.

Note: At times the dates might show that a certificate is expired, this is normal since raw materials are often purchased by a mill 1-2 years in advance to ensure a proper supply.

Are the sheets dyed?

All of the fabric dyes are low-impact and pass all organic standards. This applies to all of our sheets, duvet covers and towels that have a color.

Wherever you see "Natural" this means it is undyed, while "White" is achieved using hydrogen peroxide. If you are chemically sensitive and concerned about fabric dyes we suggest ordering “Natural” which is the pure unadulterated cotton color.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News