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Why Choose Wool Pillows? January 05 2017

 Your pillow defines the quality of your sleep. All of us at Holy Lamb Organics sleep on wool and know how a wool-filled pillow can create the most comfortable and easy sleep. No folding your pillow in half or punching the filling into submission - wool wonderfully supports your head while creating a perfect sleep environment.


woman laying on Neck Pillow and Wool-Filled Pillow

Try out a Wool-filled Pillow with our Neck Roll Pillow for perfect support.


Wool batting is the reliable sleep surface found in our Wool Filled, Wool-Wrapped Latex, and Neck Pillows. Unlike down filling which shifts over time, wool batting is one continuous piece. The rolled batt of wool stays in place inside your pillow and is hand-tufted to further secure it. 


Premium Eco-Wool batting

Of course if you prefer the squishy malleability of feather down pillows, and crave a hypoallergenic alternative, we highly recommend our adjustable Woolly Down Pillow. You'll find that the wool puffs are more supportive than feather down for that perfect balance between malleability and support, and wool puffs can be removed or added over time.


A handful of Wool Puffs

But why wool?

Each of our pillows are hand-made with organic cotton cases and filled with all-natural wool. Why did we choose wool?

We can sing the praises of the wool fiber all day, and if you haven't heard the benefits wool can provide, you may be surprised. From top performance durability, breath-ability, and temperature regulation, to natural fire resistant, antimicrobial and hypo-allergenic properties; our chemical-free, ethical and renewable Premium Eco-Wool is the best pillow filling for your body and the environment.


Susie finishing a Wool-Filled Pillow


What about the Profile Height of my Pillow? Doesn't Wool Compress?

It is important to remember that wool "compression" does not mean an increase in "firmness". Often we prefer to say that the wool "settles" to a lower profile height, which more appropriately explains the process. After you have slept on a Wool-Filled Pillow for a while it's ability to "spring-back" to full height will diminish, but it will still feel cushion soft. Alternately with our Woolly Down Pillow you can fluff the wool puffs to their original state or create a customized shape to perfectly cradle your head.


Wool-Filled Pillows in Standard, Queen, and King


From the beginning, our hand-made pillows can vary slightly in "fluffiness". Each pillow starts with accurately weighed wool, but there is textural variation between the crimp of individual fibers, flocks of sheep, and rolls of wool batting. Then the settling of profile height also varies depending on the weight of your head and the level of heat your body radiates in the night. While not an exact science, the profiles of our wool pillows settle around 30%.


A peek inside our Wool-Wrapped Latex Pillow


you may be familiar with the "flattening" experience of feather down or synthetic fill that happens over time. We can confidently say that our wool pillows feel very different and hold their support much better - for much longer. With proper care, your wool pillow can last for decades.

In our next blog we will explore which pillows we recommend for different sleep styles - check back soon!

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News