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Why Choose an Organic Sofa: Chemicals in Sofas June 21 2017

The Importance of a Chemical-Free Home

At Holy Lamb Organics, we are dedicated to creating exceptional, natural bedding products. We believe that by using natural, chemical free and sustainable materials we can help to better a person’s sleep. This philosophy does not stop with bedding. We absolutely love to promote the use of natural products all aspects of life and are happy to announce that we now have a line of Organic Sofas to help with this endeavor!



Now, you may be wondering what makes a natural couch so different from industry standard. The main difference is that industry standard furniture uses harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process, while our Organic Couches, Loveseats and Arm Chairs are completely chemical-free.

Here's a brief overview of the use of chemicals in the furniture industry and how they can affect your family.


What Chemicals are Hiding in Your Furniture?

There are three main materials in furniture that can have a negative effect on the body.


Fire Retardants

Information about the negative effect of Fire Retardants on a person’s health has been available since the late 70’s. The problem is that the fire retardants don’t simply remain on the furniture, but migrate into dust particles that are easily inhaled. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to a number of health issues, including neurological development disorders, endocrine disruption, altered reproductive health and altered fetal development.

*Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are commonly used as flame retardants.



Flexible Polyurethane Foam is used in many products in the furniture industry, ranging from rugs to couch cushions. As a petroleum-based product, Polyurethane contains Semi-Volatile Chemicals, or SVOC’s. A disturbing characteristic of SVOC’s is that they are not bonded to the product and can vaporize into the home environment. After vaporizing the SVOC’s can be absorbed through the skin, eaten and inhaled, causing health issues.



Toxic Glue

Glue is another material that off-gasses toxic chemicals into the home environment. Originally glue was made from animal by-products, but as the industry evolved it moved towards the use of synthetics, as they are more effective binding agents and are easier to produce on a large scale. While this sounds like a step forward, one of the prominent chemicals used in making furniture glue is Formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that leads to such health issues as respiratory irritation and an increased risk of cancer when levels are greater than 1.0 ppm.
The idea that there are toxins floating around your home is disturbing and this is what makes the need for natural furniture so necessary.


Chemical-Free Furniture: A Natural Alternative

Our chemical free Sofa's come from a trusted, like-minded company that values natural and quality materials. Instead of using potentially toxic materials, these natural Sofas are made from Organic Wool, Natural Talalay Latex, Coconut Coir, jute and Organic Cotton. These high quality materials help to maintain the air quality of your home and provide ergonomic support for your body.



Here are a few of our favorite things about our Organic Sofas:

  • Made with high quality, natural and organic materials
  • USA Manufactured by a trusted organic mattress company
  • Naturally fire retardant
  • Dissipates moisture easily
  • Talalay Latex hampers the growth of fungus, making it an unfriendly environment for dust mites
  • Cushions come in two different firmness levels
  • Cradle to Cradle Gold and Green Guard Gold certified

Want to learn more about our chemical-free Sofa's? Click here to view the Organic Sofa product page on our website, or visit us in Oakville, WA to try the sofa out for yourself!

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News