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How to Care for Your Sheets March 29 2017

Want to prolong the life of your sheets and maintain their organic purity? You can clean your sheets with ease while still being eco-conscious, avoiding chemicals and wrinkles, and conserving energy.


Wash in cool water on the gentle cycle - Cotton is a natural fiber, so treat it gently. Using cool water will also save energy and dollars.

Use a natural, plant-based laundry detergent - There are several good options on the market. Keep your organic sheets pure. It's better for you and the environment.

Try natural stain removers - When shopping for laundry products, aim for as few un-pronounceable ingredients as possible. Or try a DIY option.

Don't use fabric softener - The coating it imparts decreases absorbency and breathability.

Avoid chlorine bleach - Chlorine will break down cotton fibers and make colors dull. Look for non-chlorine options, or sun your sheets.

Wash towels separately - Towels are rough on cotton fabrics, so wash them on their own. You'll also avoid lint deposits on your sheets.

Shake out washed sheets before drying - You'll lessen wrinkles and avoid ironing.

Don't over-dry - Line dry followed by a brief dryer session to soften is the best approach. If line drying isn't an option, remove your sheets from the dryer while still slightly damp and dry flat indoors. In every case, avoid high heat.

Go easy on the iron - Try ironing just the top third of the sheet visible on your turned-down bed.

Following these simple steps will keep your organic cotton sheets looking and feeling beautiful for years to come.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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