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Mattress Basics February 16 2018

Pondering your first purchase of an all-natural mattress? If you've researched the natural and organic bedding industry, you may have some questions. The marketing information can be confusing.

What are the Benefits of a Natural Mattress?

  1. The mattresses we offer are made of natural materials that let your body breathe, naturally regulate body temperature, and promote overall health and restful sleep. 
  2. All our mattresses contain wool, which has been shown to significantly lower your heart rate.
  3. All the mattresses and toppers we offer have been tested and passed the CFR 1632 Flammability Tests using only wool as a fire barrier. Wool is a chemical-free, natural fire retardant.
  4. The USA-made mattresses we offer promote local manufacturing jobs and strengthen local economies while meeting our goals of sustainability and quality.

How long will my mattress last?

With proper care, your mattress should meet or exceed the manufacturer's warranty. Our manufacturer warranties range from a full 15 years to a prorated 25 years. Keep in mind that as our bodies change, so too can our support needs. That's why it is recommended you consider replacing your mattress every 10 years.

What support do I need for my mattress?

The mattresses we offer should be placed on a rigid, ventilated flat surface for proper support and breathability. We offer a range of slatted bed frames that provide excellent support. Remember to avoid putting your bed on the floor or a solid platform with no ventilation.

What firmness level or thickness should I choose?

Everyone is different and will have a unique firmness preference. Most people prefer a medium feel. A heavier person may need a thicker mattress and a softer feel. For children and lighter weight individuals, a thinner and firmer mattress will work just fine. Remember, it is always easier to make a firm mattress softer by adding a topper.

Latex, Innerspring, or All Wool. Which one's for me?

  • Dunlop Latex is made from the rubber tree and has an open cell structure, allowing air to flow freely through it. This is what makes latex breathable and not too hot to sleep on (a common complaint with conventional memory foams). Latex retains its shape well, has great motion separation (you won't feel your partner moving around) and is more durable than memory foam.
  • The traditional Innerspring style has a familiar bouncy feel. Consider our Tight Top as a cost-effective option for a natural mattress. Or choose our Pillow Top style featuring a removable pillow top for a medium feel that is not too firm yet not too soft.
  • The All-Wool mattress is simple, durable, and the most breathable mattress we offer. It is known for motion separation and great for pressure point relief. The all-wool mattress is fairly thin and considered a firm mattress. Try a layering system of wool or latex toppers on this mattress to adjust the firmness.

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Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News

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