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A Magical Wool Collection ReKindles Our Commitment to Zero Waste November 25 2015

It's a joy, a game and a puzzle to use ALL of our organic cotton cloth, fine wool batting, cotton-backed wool fleece to maintain our commitment to being a zero-waste manufacturer.

How do we go "all the way" to incorporate the small -and even tiny- pieces until there's nothing left?...and there's nothing to throw away? Largely, its thanks to our ReKindle Collection.

Where does imagination meet satisfaction, functionality and fun?

Well, everywhere at Holy Lamb Organics, but especially so in our ReKindle Collection.

This is an entire department that is under continual development, expansion and testing that aligns perfectly with our core values and Zero Waste Philosophy. The whole line was created to simply use what was left after cutting for our larger handmade bedding goods, like comforters and toppers.

It serves and ensures that nothing goes to a landfill from Holy Lamb Organics. Ever.

What could be better?
We brought in professional creatives and neighbors! We asked for help from our local artist friends. Their skills, creativity and hearts dreamt up toys and booties we probably wouldn't have come up with ourselves. Plus, it's more fun to work together to create soft huggable plushies, wands and warmers.

Artists get paid for their works, there's more to offer you, and we get to have a richer experience with our community and neighbors too. 

With care & quality
New products are dreamed, designed, prototyped, tested and then incorporated after much scrutiny and much care. The quality of our work is critical. These are the throw pillows that your family will be tossing on the couch, after all. 

The stitching must be small, secure and safe for babies who will be playing with the woollen balls.

The covers and pet beds must be ready for your furry friend too. 

And the cushions and poufs must be comfortable enough for after-feast or pre-game lounging.

Any leftover material from the ReKindle program is donated to schools for arts programming. Then the tiniest bits and strings are reused as mulch or made into compost for our garden. These practices align with our commitment to being a Zero Waste bedding manufacturer and make the ReKindle Collection all the more satisfying for us.

And even a bit...magical. 

Here's to all of us during this warm & cheerful season!


Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News