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Team Culture, Care & Quality as We Head In To Our Busiest Season September 17 2015

We're growing! In addition to having the best beds in the world, a few of our team members share about the work culture, the quality standards and the experience of working for a bedding manufacturer in a small town near Olympia.

There’s more than one job opening at Holy Lamb Organics, located in Oakville, WA, nearly 30 miles from Olympia.

For the right people, positions at Holy Lamb Organics provide a unique, diverse and safe environment, sustainable business philosophy, rigorous quality standards and daily connection with coworkers who feel like close allies inside of work hours, and good, caring friends once off the clock.

Add all these up together and you have a satisfying life, lifestyle and community. Plus, chances are good you'll also have "the best bed in the world" says team member Rebecca Kenney.

The winter season is beginning to pick up. Orders for shipping and shopping start hopping this month and accelerate as the temperatures drop and the year draws to a close.

What’s it like during the busiest season?
"It's definitely all-hands on deck" shares Willow Whitton, HLO's owner and founder. "And we focus on cross-training everyone and support each other with teams who check quality for all orders. We magically get it done at the end of the day even when someone is out with the flu."

Each person on the team definitely knows they need to pull their weight and still, there's a camaraderie, care and open communication that makes it fun. 

Rebecca Kenney is on her 2nd leg of working at HLO. Her first time was 2009-2010, then she left to have a baby. She came back in 2014 and definitely saw that the "...business grew exponentially. There's more hustle ...and we all have the best beds in the world."

Still solutions-based
"This all sounds great," you may be thinking. "But what about when something goes wrong? What does THAT look and feel like?"

When asked this, Willow shared that "Every mistake is seen as an opportunity." The method is to learn from it and work in new quality control measures to improve their game for next time. 

It's never going to feel awesome or amazing to drop the ball or do something wrong, but it's also not the end of the world and in fact it's the best way to improve upon a system. The point, and choice we make, is to make it better.

Quality control in teams
Let's go a little deeper into the quality-control-in-teams thing. 

Everyone at HLO is on a team for quality control.

This is for a few reasons: 

1. Our customers are paying for the best qualtiy bedding in hopes of the best quality of sleep and comfort. 

2. When quality checking is done in teams, people don't feel so singled out if something is below standard. 

3. Accountability to each person on the team so the standard stays really high.

"It can seem nitpicky, but the standard is so high," says Rebecca. 

Part of the work in onboarding a new team member into the team is the education of what the standard is. 

It's really important for everyone to have the same understanding about what the HLO quality standard is...and also what it isn't. Everyone has a different idea about what "good enough" is when they come in. So, part of the training is in coming to understand the specifications of quality we expect so each customer gets the best bedding we can make BY HAND!

Longtime team member (of more than seven years!) Ann Curfman says she "...loves the philosophy of the company, we're all trying to help our customers get their best sleep possible."

Ann describes the atmosphere as "...always busy, and the days go by quick, but we manage to have fun too. There are plenty of theme potlucks, dress up days and the feeling is casual but lively and connected." 
Ann grew up in the small town of Oakville where the business is located, and she says "It's fun to see a healthy growing business in the main small town." Her husband Larry even started working with HLO about 5 years ago as well. 
"There's a family feel," says Ann. "Care and concern for the whole person...not just the work."
Do you know someone who would thrive and enjoy this type of work, culture and long-term employment? Invite them to check out the About page ...and pay special care to the Employee Benefits & Practices section at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News