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It's a Wrap...and a Gift! December 10 2014

Maximize your time and budget with these double-duty holiday ideas.

Everyone wants to make the most of this time of year. Days are shorter, there's plenty of cooking, visiting, baking and shopping to enjoy.

Here are a couple of ideas that will stretch your budget, resources, time and even space!

Consider our bedding as a wrap...and as a gift.
Think about it. Many of our bedding pieces are designed to carry other pieces of bedding. That's just their nature.

The most obvious are duvet covers and pillowcases. They're basically large pockets, right? So, at this point, your presents are already halfway wrapped!

Duvet covers
Our duvet covers already function as a wrapper for...yes, duvets or comforters.
Other things to slip into a duvet cover could be: 

  • Framed art pieces or posters
  • Larger boxes, bulky gifts
  • Board games
  • Kitchen appliances or computer electronics (think griddles, cast iron pans or even printers)

Pillow Cases
A new set of sheets is definitely a great gift in itself. And, if you have a few additional gifts, consider pulling the pillow cases aside, placing the rest of the sheet set in the bottom of a case, and tucking those additional presents in on top.


What could those be?

Bunch the top of the case opening together and secure with a beautiful simple piece of ribbon. Let it be easy to untie, too. 

Simple. Beautiful. Sustainable.
Let your imagination take you. And let this simple tip save you some time, effort, money and even space.

Remember, there's no paper, tape, wasted paper scraps or even space in storing awkward, easy-to-rip-and-wrinkle rolls. You're shopping for a present that acts as a wrap.

You can roll, wrap, tuck and tie blankets, sheets and duvet covers around just about any other present. And if you make it a game...you might even have some fun. 

A bit of simple ribbon will secure a closure and your loved ones will still be able to delight in "opening" their gifts.

Thinking of you this busy season, 

Willow and the Team at Holy Lamb Organics

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News