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On Keeping Close & Cozy This Winter Holiday November 18 2014

The winter is all about bundling up in magic and reflection. Keeping close can also include keeping small local businesses close, keeping resources and materials close, and ultimately keeping community close.

Shopping small businesses for gifts and for food throughout the season has a major impact on the immediate community’s economy and the people who work there. Part of your support in dollars reinforces the business practices and choices each small business makes.

For example

Here at Holy Lamb Organics, part of our commitment to sustainable practices in every step, is that we absolutely manufacture right here in the USA. Since we began, this is how we choose daily to conduct our business.

One step further - or closer! - we also consider many things when we spend our dollars on resources like raw natural wool, and the mill we work with. One aspect we review is how far a resource is located from us prior to beginning to work with them.

Transporting resources has a cost beyond dollars...there are also emissions, the use of fossil fuels and other things to account for. We look for vendors with like-minded business practices and we minimize the global costs, and our eco-footprint as well.

Don’t forget to ReKindle!

Making something more from what was already there. This happens between people during winter holidays. It happens here too.

Our ReKindle Program is one more way we make good on our Zero Waste Philosophy. It’s actually a way that we keep local artists close too! Here’s how it works:

There are many pieces of fabric, batting and fleece that are “left-over cuts” just by making our larger items like comforters, toppers and even pillows. One of the uses for these special pieces is to create new products from them, many designed and built by local artists.

A few ReKindled gift ideas

There really is something for everyone in this program.

Or give a few extra special touches to your own home if you’re hosting:

Truly, if you’re looking for meaningful gifts, including meaningful exchanges, stay close and shop the small businesses that make choices with their dollars and business practices that you’d like to support.

We’d love to be a partner and resource for your holiday gifts this year and beyond.
Here’s to a close & cozy season for all of us!

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News