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They’ll Get the Best Sleep They’ve Ever Had...At Your House November 04 2014



How woolen bedding can make your family holidays happier.

Got guests coming to town for holidays? If you’re putting up friends and family in a guest room, we have a way to make their sleep as deep and restful as can be.

After all, being away from one’s own bed and bedtime routine can upset sleep cycles.

Then, add the excitement and, honestly, stress, of the holiday season. And, voila, you may experience levels of crankiness due to missed sleep that “un-joll-ify” the holidays for everyone.

Consider introducing natural wool bedding pieces to your guest room.

Here’s why:

Wool is a great temperature-control fiber. It wicks away moisture and keeps your body’s temperature regulated throughout sleep. Not too cold and yes….

Even if they “sleep hot”

If your guests tend to “sleep hot” or are always “running on the warm side,” don’t worry.

Wool bedding has come a long way from the regulation heavy scratchy military issue blanket.

There are different lofts and thicknesses of a wool comforter. Our wool batting, for example, is a fluffy, airy, light bat that’s soft to touch and encased in organic cotton sateen.
Smooth to touch. Deep to sleep. Even for babies.

Yes. Better sleep.

According to the Handbook of Natural Fibres, Volume 1 by Ryszard M. Kozlowski, studies show that “...when sleeping under a wool quilt, the heart rate will be statistically lower for the whole sleep period, providing a more rested condition.” (page 192).

We also found that two scientific studies (one from the Polytechnic Institute of Wales, and another from the Hohenstein Institute in Germany) actually do back up the claim about better sleep under wool. More on that right here- see "Is it true that wool comforters lower your heart rate while you sleep.

Really? Better quality of sleep all because of the wool batting?


Dry, safe & warm

You’ve probably heard us say it before, but these few benefits still bear repeating.
Wool is:

  • Naturally flame resistant and doesn’t melt or drip. In fact, per the Kozlowski source mentioned above, wool actually “emits less smoke and toxic gases than any other commonly used fibre.”
  • Dust mite and mildew resistant. This is due to the wicking away & temperature control elements) Dust mites and mildew need moisture to thrive and spread and wool is a drying fiber.) Excellent for those loved one’s who suffer allergies or asthma.

Add wool over time

Adding a natural bedding doesn’t have to blast your budget. Just incorporate a piece or two at a time until you’re satisfied with your set up.

  • Maybe you’ll start by replacing a couple of pillows.
  • Or perhaps you’ve got someone with severe arthritis or who is suffering from fibromyalgia?
    Consider a woolen fleece to gently hold those joints and cushion painful pressure points.
  • Add a comfy throw to the bed for on-hand coziness and warmth.
    • Gift Tip: Wrap up an identical extra wool blanket and send it home with your guest as a memento of this visit. Cozy memories they can be warmed by ...even when they get  back home.

Sleeping at your house, in your natural guest bed may be some of the best sleep they’ll have outside of their own at-home bed.

It’s easier for everyone to enjoy the season, and each other, when all are resting well.

Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News
Reviewed by Oprah and Featured on World News