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Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
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Many people enjoy our organic mattress display bed at trade shows such as at the Seattle & San Francisco Green Festivals.
The note above the bed reads "Naps Ok"!

TESTIMONIALS: Read what customers have to say about our organic bedding

"Just wanted to let you know that we received our order yesterday. Oh my goodness! How wonderful it all is. So beautifully crafted and amazingly comfy! Thank you!" -Jessee P., Soquel, California

"We LOOOOOOOOVE our new pillows..sleep has never been so yummy." -Lizzie, Centralia, WA

"I have been a restless sleeper in my later years and always running hot or cold. Since I bought my Holy Lamb Organic Comforter, filled with lambs' wool, I do not constantly have to throw the covers off and on. My skin can breathe. I feel contented and deeply peaceful. It's soothing warmth seeps into my bones. It is so lightweight. Even in the morning with the sun shining on me, I am perfectly comfortable and cozy." -CAROL L., Santa Barbara, California

"Hi. I am buying a mattress topper for my grandma. After the overwhelming positive reviews she heard from my parents about their new Holy Lamb Organics mattress top, she just had to have one too." -TONY C., Olympia, Washington

"I can't even begin to describe how happy I am!!!!! I bought just about everything on your website and I am thrilled. The craftmanship of the products is phenomenal, as was the customer service. My quality of sleep has been greatly improved. I feel like royalty! I also love how quickly the bed warms up when I crawl in. Withoin seconds of crawling under the covers, the bed feels warm! I also sleep well knowing that because of my bedding choices I am not polluting myself or the environment with chemicals." -Wendy Z., Toronto, Ontario

"Your product and customer service exceeded my expectations. I am sure it is a much better quality comforter for about a third less than I would have had to pay elsewhere. I'd like to see you offer other organic cotton and wool items (i.e. baby clothing, adult clothing, etc). Thanks again. My husband and I really LOVE our comforter!!! The pillows are great too!"
-CHRISTINE C., Wichita, Kansas

"Sleeping under my Holy Lamb Organics comforter makes all my nights sleep pleasant. I have the medium weight comforter which I take off during the summer months. I look forward to sleeping under it again in the fall. From early fall till late spring it provides all the warmth we need. It fits perfectly into the duvet cover and lays completely flat, leaving the bed nice and smooth. The workmanship is high quality and easy to clean. I am now saving up so that I can have an organic duvet cover as well as the sheets. Thanks Holy Lamb Organics for providing us with warmth & comfort...and most importantly, with safe organic bedding!" -ACHALA G., Olympia, Washington

&I'm very happy with the product, I really treated myself. You offered it at a good price. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from you again, should I need something else.” -STEVEN E., Madison, Wisconsin

"Your Holy Lamb Organics bedding has truly changed the way that I sleep. My comforter is nice and balanced and keeps me comfortable and snuggly during all seasons. In the summer, I use only my comforter as a top layer and during the winter I use both a sheet and my comforter. I have found the bedding to be very soft and easy to clean. I have never regretted pampering myself and would purchase all of my bedding through Holy Lamb Organics in the future. I truly feel luxurious each time that I go to sleep and wake up feeling comfortable and rested in the morning." -MARISHA A., Certified Permaculture Consultant, Owner of Queen Bee Flower & Gem Essences, Portland, Oregon

"We are extremely happy with our cotton flannel sheets. I wouldn't have believed it without experiencing it, but they keep getting softer and more comfortable with each washing. We chose Holy Lamb Organics because we believe in using all-natural products whenever possible, and in buying from locally owned and operated businesses. Holy Lamb organics offered the best products at a great price. I am looking forward to trying additional Holy Lamb Organics products."
-AMY O., Olympia, Washington

"I bought a wool matress top and pillow and I've slept well ever since. It's been years since I had a full nights sleep and now I sleep every night , all night." -Ellie S, Shortsville, New York

"Our story has to do with a dry cleaner who ruined our previous Australian virgin wool felt comforter. After many attempts to find a equal product , I came across your website. Thank God. The old comforter was warm to sleep under, but at this time I wish to say that your comforter NOT ONLY MEETS, BUT EXCEEDS the quality and comfort of our previous comforter. THANK YOU!" -James M., Delmar, New York

"I am very satisfied. The pillows are very soft and so comfortable that I am ordering more as well as the quality of the bed sheets are outstanding so far. I was surprised at how soft the pillows were and how easy they were to clean and use. The regular fills are perfect for my kids and my husband and I use the thicker fills. They support and hold my head better than regular pillows." -Max P., Olympia, Washington

"I ordered a wool comforter from you for my parents. They recieved it and have reported that it works great for both of them. They are both comfortable under the comforter without any extra blankets. My mom said " who would of thought it would take our kids to make us compatible in bed!?! Thanks for your help in selecting the right weight and for making a nice comforter for them. " -Cheryl H., Omaha, Nebraska

"I wanted healthy bedding for our baby and after finding Holy Lamb Organics website and reading what they offer I thought I would get that from them. I appreciate that you were willing to make a custom bassinet mattress for me. It's one of the best purchases I have made. Baby Elena seems happy with it too and sleeps very well on it. Now I want one for our bed! "
-Melessa H., Port Charlotte, Flordia

"We’ve been sleeping with our Holy Lamb comforter
for a couple of years and we love love love it. It’s not only incredibly comfy, but probably one of the most ethically sound purchases I’ve ever made as well, and that brings a rare kind of enjoyment that I treasure. My friend slept at our house one night and we put the comforter on her bed; she had one of the best sleeps of her life, and wants to buy one for herself."
- Karen, Vancouver, BC CANADA

“Yummy wool comforter - the filling doesn't shift around like down, not too hot, not too cold.” -Michelle

“We are very happy with our cool comfort duvet.  It is exactly what we had hoped for!” -Barb, Mt. Pleasant, MI

T”he quality material, softness, easy care, versatility, and knowing our bedding is wrapping us in all natural, organic materials. I love the hand-made quality of our “perfect comfort” duvet.” -Julie, Encinitas, CA

“I like my “down” pillow because it does not clump and is nice and fluffy still and the comforter is wonderful, I am looking forward to winter when I use it again: light in weight, cozy warm to snuggle into!” -Jutta, Greeley, CO

“We love our new wool comforter.  It has made sleeping such a wonderful experience.  It keeps us at the perfect temperature.” -Stephanie, Portland, OR

"Very, very happy. We love that the comforter we purchased was hand-made of eco wool and organic cotton by a company that values sustainability and worker's well-being."  -Rick, Check, VA

“ I received the Standard weight Holy Lamb Wool Comforter as a birthday present from my mother and totally love it. My comforter gives me a very settled feeling when I'm in bed. I replaced an old down comforter with the Holy Lamb wool comforter and everything just seems somehow more quiet, more peaceful and settled feeling. Much less congestion in the morning now too!” - James , Asheville, NC

“I bought an organic wool comforter and the difference between it and an old store bought one from years ago is unbelievable.  The weight is so much heavier and it looks so much smoother in our duvet cover.” Christy, Sun Valley, CA

“I just wish that I had purchased the wool comforter years ago!” -George, Bolinas, CA

“Without a doubt....your comforters will be regularly purchased and given as very special gifts to very special family and friends. Thank you!” - David, Deep River, CT

“Yes!  I got a king size  All Season comforter from you, and it’s working out GREAT!  It’s so warm, we don’t have to have the heat on at all at night to stay cozy, even in January!    We’ve had a power outage the past few days, and the only time I'm really warm is in bed.” Peter, Duvall, WA

“I absolutely love my pillows. I am actually enjoying more restful sleep as a result. I discovered Holy Lamb Organics at the Green Festival. Their booth was great and it drew me in. The fact that it is all natural makes feel even cozier; it feels like I am back in time when people relied more on just what the earth provided.” Tex, San Francisco, CA

“We bought the pillow for my son, but I get to use it every once in awhile when reading books to him. It's wonderful! And he sleeps on this pillow where he wouldn't use the previous one he had (not one of yours).

You have quality products at reasonable prices, given the care taken in sourcing the materials and products (those that you don't make yourselves). The store is beautiful, the people are helpful, ... a great experience from start to finish!” Adrienne, Sammamish, WA

"I have a "Light Fill" pillow now which I love!" -Karen

“I love my new Holy Lamb Organics pillow. After just two nights of sleeping on my new pillow my neck and upper back pain has completely gone away.  The pillow is very comfortable and my sleep is better too.” Becky, Seattle, WA

"I Like the option to change how much fill is in pillow by adding or subtracting nibs. Made in the US and wool is from the US.” Karen, Middletown, DE

“My orthopedic pillow provides outstanding neck and head support without the unpleasant synthetic feel. It breathes, so not too hot or cold. I’m most grateful for who you are and what you do.” Sue, Dousman, WI

“Yes, it’s the best ergo/orthopedic pillow I’ve ever used. Normally ergo/orthopedic pillows are toxic, and natural pillows are not ergo, so it’s great that you’ve actually combined the best of both!”

“I love my wool pillow. It’s just the right density. My husband didn’t understand why I wanted to replace my cheap polyester pillow. However, he’s been stealing my new wool pillow every night!

“Pillows are always important for me. I have a lot of headaches and the woolen pillows work well for me.” Martina, NY, NY

“Out of all the other orthopedic pillow I've tried (chiropractic pillows, tempurpedic) this one has been the most comfortable. The support of your orthopedic pillow is perfect!

Your team is very courteous and personable.” Jennifer, Ellenton, FL

“I have a lot of neck pain from pillows that were not the right density, but this pillow seems to be perfect and provides a very comfortable sleep - I never have to adjust my pillow at night.” Alex, Austin, TX

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