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Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
Wool Pillows, Organic Pillows, Wool Body Pillows, Orthopedic Temperpedic Neck Pillows, Travel Pillows, Children's Pillows
Wool comforters, Organic Comforters, Organic Cotton Duvet Covers
Wool Mattress Tops, Wool Toppers, Organic Mattress Pads
Organic Bed Sheets
Organic Bath & Organic Towels
Organic Baby Bedding
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Organic Bed Collection: Wool Comforters, Wool Bed Pillows, Wool Mattress Tops, Organic Sheets & Towels

Holy Lamb Organics: COMPANY PROFILE

Our Mission: We are a natural bedding company dedicated to hand-crafting the finest quality natural bedding possible. Our products are made from organic cotton fabrics and pure wool batting. We aim to provide the highest level of customers service and quality of product available. Our company uses sustainable and ecological practices in every stage of our production from material acquisition, manufacturing, processing, marketing, by-products. We are proud to be a zero waste company by reusing, recycling, or composting all of our by-products. For example, all of our wool and cotton fabric scraps are composted using a low-tech vermiculture system. That’s a fancy way for saying we use worms to help turn it into fine compost for the garden!

How To Order: Please visit our web-site and order on-line at www.HolyLambOrganics.com where you can view our products and order on-line. We also offer our products at a wholesale level. Please inquire by calling 360-273-9400 and we will send you our marketing packet with brochure, price lists, and fabric swatches upon request.

Company Location: We are a local business in Oakville, Washington which is half an hour Southwest of the state capitol of Olympia.

Years in Business: We have been in business since 2000.

Product Line: We specialize in natural organic bedding made of only organic cotton fabric and pure wool. We made no exceptions. Here is a list of our entire product line.

Manufactured in-house by Holy Lamb Organics:

-Wool Bed Pillows

-Wool Body Pillow & The Buddy Pillow

-Wool Kid Pillows

-Wool Travel Pillows

-Organic Cotton Bed Pillow Covers

-Organic Cotton Body Pillow Covers

-Wool Comforters: Available in sizes Baby Crib to King and in three different temperature weights to suite your own personal comfort level.

-Wool Mattress Tops & Happy Lamb Fleece Toppers

-Moisture Barrier/ Puddle Pads

-Organic Baby products

Organic Bed Linens Distributed by Holy Lamb Organics: We offer a full selection of organic bed lines that compliments our own Holy Lamb Organics line. We use the same silky organic fabrics and make them available at a great price.

-Organic Sheets: available in 8 different elegant and silky organic fabric choices such as sateens, damasks, and flannels

-Organic Pillow Cases: They come in standard, queen and king sizes and are available in the envelope style

-Organic Duvet Covers/ Comforter Covers

-Organic Baby Line: crib sheets, receiving blankets, hooded baby towels, baby bath mitts, baby bibs…

-Organic Toweling: bath towels, bath mats, robes….

-Organic Jacquard Blanket Throws: Available in sizes baby –king

-Organic Cotton Fabric: We also offer organic fabric by the yard for you to create your own projects. They come in both 60” and 112” sheeting fabric size. Some fabrics include organic terry toweling, organic flannels using the colororganic, colorgrown foxfibre cotton that is grown for its color, foxfibre brown muslin, organic cotton fleece, sateen sheeting…

Benefits of Organic Cotton: Did you know that approximately 1.25 lbs. of agricultural chemicals are used in the growing of cotton in a single set of queen size sheets?

Cotton crops are the second largest user of agricultural pesticides in the world (coffee is first). These pesticides are harmful to everyone. Four of the top 9 pesticides used on cotton (cyanide, dicofol, naled, and propargite) are classified by the EPA as cancer-causing chemicals.

You can make a difference: In 1997, large apparel companies purchased 2.15 million pounds of organic cotton, which eliminated the use of an estimated 43,000 pounds of pesticides and 485,190 pounds of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer (Organic Fiber Council). GO ORGANIC!

Organic Certification: Every fiber of cotton is produced in accordance with the standards set forth by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM).Individual organizations handle the actual certification: IMO, a Swiss-based organization, certifies the Indian-grown cotton; SKAL, a Dutch certifier, must approve the Ugandan and Turkish cotton. The cotton is then shipped to the mill in Punjab India where it is spun into yarn and woven into fabric. This facility is ISO 9002 certified, which speaks well to both the quality of production and its labor and environmental practices.

Fabric Finish: There are currently no fabric finishes used on our organic bedding products.

Benefits of Wool: Natural wool is a traditional fill, used in bedding throughout the ages. Our grandmothers knew the many benefits that wool provides.

o Wool resists dustmites.

o Wool resists bacteria.

o Wool is fire resistant.

o Wool is cool in the summer yet warm in the winter~ it is a breathable material.

o Unlike down bedding which shifts over time (ie. bare spots in a comforter), wool stays in place.

o With proper care your woolen bedding can last for decades.

o Unlike bedding that uses plucked down feathers, a sheep grows a coat of wool annually and is not harmed during sheering.

o Wool surpasses synthetic fill in terms of quality and durability.

o Wool is a sustainable product helping small farmers make a living.

Wool Batting: Our comforters and pillows use pure and natural wool batting. Wool comes from sheep. They grow a coat of wool each year, which is sheered (like a haircut) in the spring. Our wool comes from a local woolen mill in the Pacific Northwest where the long fibers are carded using old turn of the century machines. We are proud to support American sheep farmers.

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