How much warmth do I need?

To choose the proper temperature weight in a comforter, consider the following:

o What is your typical body temperature?

o Do you find yourself to be generally cold or mostly hot?

o Do you tend to get cold at night or overheat?

o If you sleep with another person you will generate more heat than you would by yourself.

o Assess the bedding you already have at home. Do you want to rely on your comforter by itself to keep you warm or will you be using it in combination with other blankets?

Cool Comfort - This temperature weight is best suited for: a hot natured person, a hot climate such as Florida or Southern California, or to be used in climates with mild winters where you can use this blanket in combination with other favorite blankets.

Perfect Comfort - Most people choose this comforter weight. This weight is fine for partner sleeping, can be used year round in most climates and is a great all purpose comforter weight. You may want to add an extra blanket in the heart of winter if needed.

Extra Warmth - This temperature weight is best suited for those who tend to get cold. Great for people who sleep by themselves and tend to like a lot of covers.

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